Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 660 - Failed to Prank Curtis

Chapter 660 - Failed to Prank Curtis

Chapter 660: Failed to Prank Curtis


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Splash splash splash~

The sounds of rain rang once more, from light and spa.r.s.e to heavy and dense. Parker stayed around to cook, while Winston carried Bai Qingqing up the tree hole.


Curtis, who had been sleeping for a night, was awoken by the noise. He raised his braided head from his snake’s body. Because of the braids, he didn’t transform into his beast form.

“Aye~” Bai Qingqing grinned wickedly and stealthily came to his side.

“Curtis, let me comb your hair,” she said fervently.

Looking at Bai Qingqing’s fluffy afro-do, how could he not realize what she was up to? Still, he said indulgently, “Okay.”

Beaming broadly, Bai Qingqing walked behind Curtis and loosened the braids one by one. Anxious to see the result, she even asked Winston to go over to help.

“Winston, come over and give me a hand.”

Winston, who was about to head out to build the house, halted in his footsteps.


Curtis cast a dangerous glance at him, possessively coiling his snake’s tail around Bai Qingqing and bringing her close to him, expressing his repulsion of outsiders.

As the saying went, “two tigers cannot share one mountain”. Though Curtis wasn’t a tiger, he was even more powerful and aggressive than one. That he was able to get along harmoniously with other males was already a miracle in itself. It was out of the question for him to help the other males and vice versa.

Besides, Curtis wanted more intimate time alone with Bai Qingqing.

Always one to opt for peace in the household, Winston wisely said, “I have something to attend to.”

“Ah?” Bai Qingqing pouted. “Alright, go and work then.”

If placed in the modern age, Winston would likely be labeled a workaholic through and through!

Curtis was satisfied with his response. This tiger was more tactful than that leopard. If the opportunity arose, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let him split away some of Snow’s liking towards that leopard.

As Bai Qingqing loosened the braids one by one, one could see that his icy hair strands had now turned into curls that were fixed in place. However, they gave off a heavy sensation and didn’t seem very fluffy.

She quickly combed his hair and retreated a few steps to size him up.

Curtis merely revealed a faint smile, an indulgent look as ever on his face.

His image did match his calm att.i.tude—though his hair was curly, it wasn’t as exaggerated as Bai Qingqing’s. With his fine little curls spreading behind his head, there was now an additional hint of devilish charm to his soft and gentle good looks. This new hairstyle made him resemble a sea demon residing in the depths of the ocean.

Bai Qingqing pouted. “It’s exasperating comparing oneself to another human being!”

Curtis chuckled. “I’m a snake.”

“Hmph!” The disgruntled Bai Qingqing glared at him. “Your hair is too heavy and doesn’t fluff up. It will definitely work on Parker. But his hair simply doesn’t grow long. Sigh!”

“Oh, right.” Something suddenly occurred to Bai Qingqing, making her edge closer to him and stare at his chin.

Speaking of the comparisons between human beings and snakes, Bai Qingqing suddenly recalled that men would grow beards. Why had she never seen Curtis and Parker shave?

She stroked Curtis’s chin and observed that it was velvety smooth, perhaps he even had better skin than a girl. Some women with too high of a testosterone level would grow visible beards.

“What are you looking at?” Curtis c.o.c.ked his head sideways.

She pinched his chin and asked, “Don’t you grow hair here?”

“Why would there be hair there?” Curtis asked, his eyes fixed upon Bai Qingqing as his mind rapidly searched for males with hairy chins.

Lion beastmen!

Does Snow fancy males with manes? When did she come across a lion male?

Curtis started feeling worried.

With an astonished gasp, Bai Qingqing marveled, “Do you guys really not grow beards?”

It only took Bai Qingqing this long to realize because she was too young, and the guys she came into contact with were young men who basically didn’t grow beards.