Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 628 - I’m Letting You Off Now

Chapter 628 - I’m Letting You Off Now

Chapter 628: I’m Letting You Off Now

“Grave pit?” A look of shock flashed across Winston’s silver eyes. Many beastmen were tossed inside, so didn’t this mean there was another level underneath?

The scorpion king’s nonchalant att.i.tude confirmed his speculation. So, there were more formidable existences in Flame City, possibly four-striped and above.

“How does one get into the grave pit from outside? And how does one get out?” Winston asked immediately.

This time though, the scorpion king wasn’t planning to answer. “I’ll tell you when you’ve obtained my trust.”

Having gotten the answer he was looking for, Winston didn’t stay a minute longer and left right away.

Once he entered the grave pit, Winston was astounded.

There were white bones everywhere underneath and a foul stench in the air. There were also the breaths of countless living beasts. They were lurking somewhere in the dark, staring at the light at the exit constantly, looking for an opportunity to make their escape.

With the ground above blocking out the temperature of the sunlight, it was cold and dark as h.e.l.l down here.

The scar-faced white tiger didn’t look out of place here. As he surveyed the surroundings with a torch-like gaze, every single beastman he came across cleared a path for him.

Hidden in the stone cave, Carl hurriedly buried himself inwards at the sight of Winston.

After the white tiger left, he quickly transformed into a human and walked to the exit.

A vine descended, and Carl grabbed it with one hand and started rising bit by bit.

The beastmen lurking in the dark corners rushed towards him and fought to climb up the vine, causing Carl to hang in mid-air.

Carl’s arm—which had yet to recover—transformed into half-beast form and snapped the vine beneath with much difficulty.


The beastmen collapsed into a pile, and Carl finally made it up to the surface. The scorpion beastmen pulling Carl up started lifting rocks and hurling them downwards, causing pitiful cries to ring from the grave pit.

With the scorching sunlight enveloping his body, Carl let out a foul breath and cast a glance at his shoulder, where the skin and flesh had healed, before walking towards the third story of the stone cave.

“Carl, where have you been all these days?” As the lion beastman spoke, his nostrils flared at the pungent corpse scent entering his senses.

The male beastmen in the hole exchanged glances, and the look in their eyes changed.

As though he didn’t notice that, Carl went straight to the motionless female sitting in the innermost corner and sniffed at her body.

“Don’t worry, you’re the most powerful amongst us. Who would dare to touch her without your consent?” said the lion beastman.

Molly was so frail that even breathing seemed difficult to her. Yet, at the sight of Carl, her body instinctively trembled.

Carl’s brows furrowed ferociously. “Why didn’t she eat anything these few days?”

“She’s picky about food. Just starve her for a few days and she’ll become obedient, wasn’t that what you said?” The lion beastman walked to him as he spoke.

Carl grabbed Molly’s arms and lifted her. “I’m bringing her out for a while.”

“Where to?” The lion beastman blocked Carl’s path. Though the other beastmen didn’t make any moves, one could indistinctly sense they were getting impatient.

With one arm holding the female, Carl curled his lips coldly and boomed, “Are you courting death?”

A hint of fear flickered across the lion beastman’s eyes.

Carl didn’t sound like a beast on the verge of death, but why did his body reek so much of corpses?

“Of course not, I was just asking in pa.s.sing.” The lion beastman instantly plastered a friendly expression on his face and placed one hand on Carl’s shoulder.

With a painful look, Carl instantly dodged.

As the saying goes, it takes a hundred days for the bone to knit and tendons to heal.

Though the skin and flesh on Carl’s shoulder had healed, the bones underneath wouldn’t recover as quickly.

None of the beastmen here was easy to deal with. For a drop of water, they could fight to their deaths, what more for a pretty female?

That was why he had to immediately take Molly away. With only two legs that could be used, he was no match for them.

The lion beastman paused, then exclaimed in a delighted voice, “He’s injured!”

Carl’s heart sank to its depths, and he abruptly dashed outside.

“Kill him! Kill him and the female will be ours!”

As the lion beastman spoke, he transformed into a beast and blocked the path of the male youth.

The other beastmen in the hole also revealed their ferocious forms.

The fighting and biting sounds of various beasts rang from the narrow and dark hole, and the stench of blood emanated through the air.

Amid the chaos, a female rolled out from the hole.

“Hurts…” Molly groaned in pain. A tiger roar rang from inside the hole: [I’m letting you off now.]

Molly’s numb face twitched slightly.


A green figure flashed by, and the female was brought to the skies, causing the male beastmen who yearned to s.n.a.t.c.h the female to pounce at air.