Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 621 - Honeycomb Flame City

Chapter 621 - Honeycomb Flame City

Chapter 621:

Honeycomb Flame City



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Carl’s countenance instantly turned pitch-black as he looked at the female trembling in a corner. He went over to grab her by the hair, lifting her.

“Ahh!” Molly was lifted, and her posture turned into a kneeling one. She had no choice but to grab onto the male’s legs to reduce the pain in her head.

Her face covered in dust was wet from tears, leaving behind two dirty tear trails on her face and moistening her dried lips a little.

Although she was in a pathetic state, her beautiful face was better able to agitate a male’s desire to destroy.


Sounds of swallowing saliva rang out in the black hole.

“Can’t bear to?” Carl raised Molly higher and patted her face. “You guys probably can’t guess that my spousal relations.h.i.+p was removed by this female the moment we became mates. You guys might have beautiful memories of your mates, but I have none at all. Looking at this face only makes me feel loathing and hatred!”

The males’ suspicions were all wiped out in that instant. They looked at the female with pitiful gazes.

There was no love, only hatred. It was apparent how much more brutal the treatment toward her would be as compared with other females.

“Sob!” Molly cried, her voice sounding so hoa.r.s.e and dried as if sand was stuck in her throat. “I’m sorry, I was wrong… sob…”

Carl coldly snorted and threw her heavily to the ground. He kicked a piece of raw meat that had gone bad to her side, sending bugs flying.

“I advise you to eat it up quickly. Even if it’s left to spoil, it’s still your food.”

Molly threw a glance at it, then sobbed as she buried her face into her knees.

The light rays in the stone cave suddenly turned dark.

“Who’s there?”

Carl and the other males all looked outside.

Winston probed his head into a stone cave.

“Roar!” An enraged lion roar rang out.

He jumped to the ground and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I’ve entered the wrong cave.”

The rage in the lion’s eyes was immediately replaced by fear after seeing the four-striped beastman’s face. He let out a pretentious roar and shrank back into his cave.

A female’s loud cry and a male low bellow continued to ring out inside again.

Winston looked through the stretch of caves here and then turned to head for the deeper layer.

The citizens in the Flame City were split into four levels. The next level would be the third one. He hoped that he’d be able to find Molly there.

After seeing the beastman who had entered the cave, Carl withdrew his defensive stance. “What’s the matter?”

The wolf beastman turned into his human form and said, “You told me to keep a lookout for the tiger king at the city gate. I didn’t expect him to really come. He’s combing through the levels.”

The countenances of the males in the stone cave changed drastically while Molly was elated. “His Majesty has come to save me…”

“I’m here!” Molly’s hoa.r.s.e voice hadn’t dropped off when her mouth was covered up tightly.

A male asked anxiously, “What should we do? A four-striped beastman isn’t easy to deal with. Haven’t you rose to the highest level? Quickly bring her there. You might be able to get protection from the city lord there.”

Carl cursed the guy for being a fool before saying, “The city lord won’t care about such a trifling matter. Few beastmen live there. Are you telling me to go there and display the females in front of the tiger king?”

The beastman shut up.

Carl tossed Molly to the other beastmen and said, “Don’t let her make a sound. I’ll go lure the tiger king away.”

The male beastmen caught the female, and immediately, their l.u.s.t took over as they touched her all over.

These males didn’t know how to hold back with their strength, and Molly was in so much pain that more tears flowed out from her eyes. However, she could only make m.u.f.fled crying sounds.

Carl walked over to the cave’s entrance and paused, his eyes darting to the back. “If I smell anyone’s scent on her, that person will die!”

The beastmen became a little more restrained. Even after Carl had left, they only dared to touch her to satisfy their desires.