Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 614 - Carl's True Colors

Chapter 614 - Carl's True Colors

Chapter 614: Carl’s True Colors


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Curtis threw a glance at her with a shadow of a smile and said heartlessly, “It doesn’t matter. I have plenty of energy.”

Early in the morning, Bai Qingqing felt like she was dead.

The rain continued for a few days. On the fifth day’s afternoon, the sky finally cleared up. The soil and air were still wet, so Winston decided to start work from the next day.

Curtis held onto Bai Qingqing and went to the secret snake den to shed his skin.

Molly leaned on the tree hole’s entrance, watching as Bai Qingqing and Curtis left. She felt stuffy and threw a branch outside.

She felt like going out to play. She was really bored.

“Do you want to go out to play?”

“I do!” Molly replied without giving it any thought. When she turned and saw that it was Carl, her interest faded. “Forget it. Edgar will be coming back any time from hunting. It isn’t good to let him wait for us while watching over the food.”

Molly couldn’t ignore the fact that Carl was a rootless beast. She couldn’t feel completely at ease with him.

Carl looked at her and smiled, but a hint of grief flashed in his eyes. “You still can’t forgive me.”

“That’s not it,” Molly immediately said. She saw that Carl looked very pitiful and tidied her hair while saying, “Then, let’s go out for a walk. I’m still bleeding. Let’s come back after a short while outside.”

Carl’s expression turned from grief to happiness. He said, “Then, let’s go and look at the Flos Eriocauli.”

Molly’s interest was piqued. “Alright.”

Carl carried her down on his back, turned into his beast form, and ran toward the Flos Eriocauli.

The heavy rain over the past few days had washed away a large part of the flowers. The Flos Eriocauli field now had more green, adorned with spa.r.s.e white flowers. It looked quite nice in its own way.

“Put me down. I’ve dirtied your back,” Molly said, feeling bad.

Carl continued to carry her and ran forward, saying, [It’s ok. I like to carry you.]

Molly felt quite touched. There were a lot of water droplets amongst the gra.s.s, and it felt more comfortable to be sitting on a tiger’s back. Therefore, she didn’t say anything.

However, Carl ran further and further in. The Flos Eriocauli there had already surpa.s.sed the height of the tiger’s back. Molly still ended up getting rainwater on her.

Molly wiped her animal skin skirt and frowned, saying, “I want to go back. My clothes have gotten wet.”

[Alright.] Carl immediately replied. Molly could hear a hit of halfheartedness in his tone and felt a little displeased. However, she didn’t think much of it and laid down on the tiger back to dodge the water droplets.

Carl turned and ran for very long before they got out of the Flos Eriocauli field. When Molly looked up, she was stunned.

Her heart sank, feeling both angry and afraid. “I want to return to the village. Why have you carried me outside?”

“Hu!” Carl huffed and suddenly increased his speed. Molly let out a scream and almost fell off from his back. She quickly leaned down and grabbed onto him.

This was the only place where the city wall hadn’t been built. There were a few males on guard here. When they saw them, they chatted leisurely amongst themselves. “The females like to come out to play every time the rain stops. Now that no scorpion beastman dares to come and invade us, all of them like to run out of the village.”

“That’s true. It’s only been a while, but a few of them have gone out.”

As Carl was a mate that Molly recognized, they didn’t notice any abnormality. Carl rapidly charged out from the gap, and it wasn’t long before they lost sight of them.

“Quickly stop!” Molly was so scared that she started crying. The plants on both sides were moving back rapidly. She thought of jumping down but didn’t dare to do it.

She turned and saw that the scenery was completely unfamiliar to her.

Molly thought of Becky, and the terror in her heart finally won against her cowardice. She took a deep breath and jumped off from the tiger back.

Her pet.i.te body fell onto the ground that was covered with damp rotting leaves, rolling for a few rounds before coming to a stop. Her clothes were immediately dyed in the color of mud.

Carl also stopped, turning back and walking toward Molly in huge strides. There wasn’t any hint of warmth in his tiger eyes, only fervent hatred.