Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 606 - The Peacock Beastman Was Despised

Chapter 606 - The Peacock Beastman Was Despised

Chapter 606: The Peac.o.c.k Beastman Was Despised

“Curtis!” Bai Qingqing gently kicked him under the table.

Curtis’s red eyes turned to look downwards, then he stuck out his leg to hook around her calves.

That’s right, hook around. Being long and straight, Curtis’s body was so soft it was as though it didn’t have a single bone in it. He hooked his legs around Bai Qingqing’s calves and gently rubbed against it.

This physical contact put Curtis in a splendid mood. He replied, “When I went back I didn’t see them. They will definitely go in separate ways. There are so many of them. Who knows where they will run to? Perhaps some have fallen prey to wild animals.”

“Eaten?” Tears instantly welled up in Bai Qingqing’s eyes.

Parker, seated on her other side, hurriedly coaxed her. “In the future, when this village becomes more powerful, it will definitely attract them to s.n.a.t.c.h females.”

“Right!” Like a drowning person clutching at a straw, Bai Qingqing nodded vigorously. “We must strengthen the village as fast as possible so that they will come back.”

“Mm.” Parker heaved a sigh of relief and glared ferociously at Curtis. “Qingqing, eat this fish. You can drink my wine. Curtis drank so much of it, and he’s still alive. Seems like it isn’t poisonous.”

Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but laugh. Curious about how the grape wine would taste, she merely took a small sip before returning it to him.

“I can’t drink wine because I’m pregnant. You go ahead and drink it.”

Parker raised the bucket and downed it in go.

It truly was a pleasure to the tastebuds to pair sas.h.i.+mi with red wine. Coupled with the hazy moonlight, and the wooden rod on the table which gave off a faint glow, it added a vibe to this dining experience.

The next morning, most males were jolted awake by the tiger king’s majestic roars.


The tiger beastmen leaped out of the tree hole and sprinted to the tiger king at the fastest speed possible. The tribal head was no exception, for, in front of royalty, he was merely an ordinary beastman.

“Your Majesty, is something the matter?” The tribal head gazed around, still feeling lingering fears over the intrusion a few days ago.

Winston said as he looked at the nearly three hundred male beastmen present, “In order to make the village a safer place, I’ve decided to construct a city wall, and construction will begin today.”


His voice was met with a hundred roars in response, especially from the young male beastmen, who were thrilled at the opportunity to make something of themselves.

Satisfied with everyone’s response, Winston asked the tribal head to pick out the males with free time on their hands. Accidentally, he caught sight of a moving smudge of green.


Sensing that someone was staring at him, Alva’s body shook, and his eyes spun about haphazardly.

d.a.m.n, I’m going to be dragged off to do manual labor again!

Indeed, just as he expected, the tiger king approached him.

“How heavy a load can you fly with?” asked Winston.

Alva’s tail collapsed, and he turned around and transformed into a human. “At most two male beastmen.”

Winston gave it some thought, then said, “Come over and help out. You might be of use in some miscellaneous matters.”

Miscellaneous matters…

Alva deeply felt that his strength was being despised upon.

All of the single male beastmen were naturally deployed for this mission. Among those who already had mates and needed to take care of them, only one-third of them partic.i.p.ated in this mission. The remaining were placed in charge of inspecting the territory.

The village—finally having its liveliness resumed—quietened down once more, with mostly only the females and little ones left behind.

Winston had instructed them that if they should run into danger, they ought to hide at the bottom of the river. Hence, they were arranged to live near the waterhole. It was quite a pitiful sight to see the group of females cl.u.s.tered together.

They would occasionally run into a tiger, but even then it was only a really old one.

With Curtis around, even if they were unlucky enough to into an intruder, that intruder would come to no good end.

In the village, only Bai Qingqing remained in her own home.