Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 596 - He's Back (7)

Chapter 596 - He's Back (7)

Chapter 596: He’s Back (7)


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Bluepool yawned. In order to replace the oxygen for these females, he hadn’t slept well the entire night.

He dived to the bottom in frustration and shouted impolitely, “Wake up! Wake up! Your mates are here to pick you up.”

Bluepool had contained them into a large air bubble while they leaned against each other and slept. The sudden yelling caused the timid females to jolt awake in fright.

Gazing at the unfamiliar surroundings, some females even let out a short shriek, and it took them a while before they recalled the events of last night.

But Bluepool wasn’t one to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer s.e.x. He simply blew a bubble and said, “Hurry and get up.”

Other than Molly, the other females hadn’t had a chance to interact with Bluepool, so they were looking at him as though he was a freak.

Since no one came to him, the impatience on Bluepool’s face intensified.

“I’ll go out first.” Molly got up. Looking at him, she still felt a lingering fear.

Bluepool brought the bubble to the edge of the large air bubble and pulled her in with one hand.

Ripples formed on the water surface as a light blue bubble floated to the surface.

The males on the sh.o.r.e heaved a sigh of relief in unison.

Molly squeezed out of the bubble and took in the oxygen-filled air in the open, feeling her chest expand immediately.


A tall and well-built body blocked out the light above her head, and from above rang the deep growl signature of a tiger beastman.

Molly’s breathing halted, and she turned her head and walked back to her house.

The tall and well-built male kept following her, his dejected feelings evident in his voice. “Are you still mad at me?”

Molly halted in her footsteps. She was indeed very angry back then, but after seeing what happened to Becky, that anger was replaced by a sense of unease.

Seeing that the male was merely following her, but otherwise didn’t misbehave, Molly felt slightly more at ease.

To calm him down, Molly said softly, “No, Carl.”

Raising her head, she saw two animal stripes on his face.

Last year when Carl sprinted out of the village maniacally, he only had one animal stripe. Moreover, at that time, he had only become a one-striped beastman for less than two years.

Although Molly was a female, she felt incredulous at his speed of advancing.

Carl’s expression eased, his face full of tenderness. “I’ve been striking out on my own, so, naturally, I advance at a faster speed.”

Looking at her body, delight could be seen in his eyes. “You haven’t become mates with anyone?”

“Mm,” Molly responded. She sized him up in an imperceptible manner. “Let’s sit down and talk.”

Flattered, Carl instantly nodded. “Okay.”

His response made her feel more at ease.

Perhaps due to fear, she developed patience facing Carl and wasn’t as irritable and impatient like before. But Carl had undergone a great transformation as well—he had become more mature and restrained, and more gentle towards her, unlike his old noisy and annoying self.

Carl wouldn’t be like that male beastman abandoned by Becky’s mother, would he?

The duo walked out of the village alongside each other. Alva, who was about to fly out to look for nuts, cooed at the sight of their back views, then vigorously flapped his wings and flew off.

Seeing that they were about to leave the crowd, Molly instantly halted in her footsteps and sat down on the gra.s.s.

“Let’s talk here.”

“Okay.” Carl sat down opposite her in a prim and proper posture.

Molly sputtered with laughter. Used to seeing Carl behave in an off-key manner, she found something comical in his serious act.

Eh, if he had behaved in this manner back then, she definitely wouldn’t have canceled their spousal relations.h.i.+p on impulse.

Molly’s brows drooped, and she asked softly, “How’s life outside?”

“Fine,” replied Carl.

“I mean… regarding females. You…” Molly halted in her speech.

After you’ve formed a spousal relations.h.i.+p with a female, will you still feel anything towards other females?