Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 590 - He's Back (1)

Chapter 590 - He's Back (1)

Chapter 590: He’s Back (1)

Without the water wheel to increase the oxygen level in the water, the rate at which he blew bubbles would be a lot slower.

The most important thing was that there was a limited supply of water here. With the limited water region, he couldn’t extract oxygen as readily as when he was in the sea.

Thankfully, he had already blown over 20 bubbles, and it wasn’t an issue to blow another 20 more. It was just that his speed would be a lot slower.

Late at night, the entire village was filled with bellows and agonizing cries from beastmen that one could hear even from afar. A tiger stopped in his footsteps, hesitated for a moment, then ran over to the source of the sounds.

Winston sent the females to the waterhole in succession, prioritizing those who didn’t have many mates. As more and more male beastmen were freed from the shackles of having to protect their females, they started to gain ground in the battle.

The wolf beastmen were well-known to be united in the world of the beastmen. Seeing that they couldn’t win when they were split up, their leader let out a howl, and they immediately gathered together. They were so fast that they were like well-trained soldiers.

They formed two powerful groups, one in charge of holding back the tiger king while the other would focus on attacking a particular tree hole.

Molly and her mother squeezed together, listening to the males’ instructions for them to squat in a corner and not look out to prevent the invaders from attacking.

However, when she heard the sound of densely-packed footsteps, she still couldn’t help but crawl over to the entrance and look outside.

“Mommy! Many wolf beastmen are heading toward us!” Molly cried out loudly in anxiety.

The mates of Molly’s mother guarded under the tree. When they saw that the situation wasn’t good, they immediately climbed into the tree hole. “Come down quickly. We’ll send you to the waterhole.”

Molly’s eyes opened wide as she looked at the tree hole. “Wait a minute, where are my horned melons?”

She had placed the bag with the horned melons next to her earlier but had forgotten to come and get them when she ran over to the entrance to take a look just now. She found her way back and felt around, heaving a sigh of relief after she found the bag.

However, when she raised her head, the tree hole that had suddenly turned quiet made her feel anxious and horrified.


Her trembling voice resounded in the tree hole. Molly looked at the entrance, unsure of what she should do.

It was really bad to not have a mate.

Suddenly, a head popped up from the entrance. [Come out quickly!]

“Daddy!” Molly was elated and scrambled over to the entrance.

The tribal head carried Molly and jumped down from the tree.

Molly’s mother had been surrounded and couldn’t break free. However, when Molly and the tribal head came out, the wolf beastmen immediately changed their targets when they saw that there were fewer of them.

Molly’s mother was able to travel smoothly because of this, but Molly ended up being troubled. She stuck close to her father, but there were many times in which she was almost grabbed by the wolves. Her heart was beating very quickly.

“Coo coo—”

A peac.o.c.k’s cry rang out from the sky, and Molly’s eyes lit up.

“Alva, save me!” Molly was elated. She’d be safe if she could get up to the sky!

She looked around and found the peac.o.c.k’s figure in the sky. Alva was sending females to the waterhole. He could fly and could move un.o.bstructed.

“Coo coo—” Alva replied and flew even faster toward the waterhole.

He had to first send the female he was holding to a safe place first.

As Molly’s eyes were elsewhere and she hadn’t kept close to her father, she was immediately struck by misfortune.

A wolf beastman bit onto her skirt, swinging his head and bringing her away from the tribal head’s range of protection.

Molly fell to the ground, and the smile that had appeared on her face instantly froze up. She wanted to crawl back up and escape, but a pair of strong arms suddenly hooked around her waist from the back, and she was lifted off the ground.

“Ahh! Daddy!” Molly cried out in horror and put up an intense struggle. However, no matter how hard she tried to break free, it was ineffective against the strong male.

“Roar!” The tribal head was filled with rage. He let out a furious roar and wanted to charge over.