Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 587 - Sleepless Night (4)

Chapter 587 - Sleepless Night (4)

Chapter 587: Sleepless Night (4)

Bai Qingqing let out an “ahh” and turned, her heart palpitating so quickly that it felt as if it was going to leap out from her chest.


The snake figure seemed to be binding onto something in the dark. As he exerted greater force, the sound of bones being disjointed and cracked rang out.

The wolf beastman, who had thought that he was going to succeed a moment ago, now had all the air in his chest squeezed out completely. He wasn’t even able to let out an agonizing howl before he lost his young life.

Curtis squinted his eyes and threw the wolf beastman out of the tree hole with his tail. He brought Bai Qingqing and the leopard cubs scattered around in the tree hole back closer to him.

“Ssss—” Curtis laid Bai Qingqing horizontally, gesturing for her to sleep.

How could Bai Qingqing possibly be able to sleep? She said anxiously, “They are fighting so intensely outside. Why don’t you go out to help?”

The snake seemed to open his mouth and let out a sigh before he turned into his human form.

“If the village wishes to get stronger, they need to go through tempering and not fully rely on others. I’ll go after they can’t hold on anymore.” Curtis pressed her into his embrace. “This is a matter for the males. Don’t worry, I’ll ensure your safety.”

Bai Qingqing felt that what Curtis said made sense, but she still didn’t feel at ease. She stood up and walked over to the tree hole’s entrance to watch.

A female’s sharp cry suddenly rang out on the opposite, and Bai Qingqing quickly probed her head out to check it out. “What happened? It sounds like Becky!”

Oh my G.o.d. Are Becky’s children alright?

Bai Qingqing was feeling worried when she saw a female on the ground. The sound had come from that direction.

[Why did you come down?] Ford, in his tiger form, protected Becky and let her hide behind some plants where there were no beastmen around. He looked at her anxiously.

Becky had climbed down by herself by grabbing onto the tree vines. As she was inconvenienced by her big stomach due to her pregnancy, she fell to the ground midway. What Bai Qingqing heard was her cry when she fell.

“Don’t leave me.” Becky’s body and voice were both trembling intensely. She stayed close to the tiger beastman next to her, grabbing onto his fur as if she was grabbing onto a lifebuoy.

The tiger beastman let out a worried roar: [Are you alright? Oh my G.o.d, you’re bleeding.]

Ford’s eyes were shrouded by blood, so everything seemed to be in the color of blood to him. He immediately turned into his human form, his expression looking horrified and anxious.

However, when he looked at Becky again, a wet ball fell off from between Becky’s legs, giving out a faint “meow—”.

Bai Qingqing, who had seen this amazing scene, was stunned.

Ford picked up the ball, his hands trembling a little as well as he removed the outer layer and said, “My child…”

A wolf beastman noticed them in a corner. He was light on his footsteps, preparing to attack.

“Hey! Ford! Watch out behind you!” Bai Qingqing immediately cried out loudly.

Ford immediately got onto his guard. He held onto the cub with one hand and turned to punch with the other when he saw the wolf beastman pouncing toward him.

The wolf beastman had leaped and was in midair, unable to dodge. Thus, he was sent flying off from the punch. Ford wanted to take the chance to give chase, but his arm was held back again.

“Don’t leave me.” Becky cried, sticking close to her mate. As she cried, another ball fell from between her legs.

Bai Qingqing was speechless.

Although she didn’t feel that giving birth to leopard cubs was difficult, it was too much of an exaggeration for the babies to drop down like this as if nothing had happened while she was standing there.

She had seen sheep that gave birth standing up, but someone who could give birth standing up… That scene was too amazing. If she hadn’t seen it for herself, it’d be really hard to imagine.

Anyway, she wasn’t able to pull that off. This could be how things were for the females here.

Bai Qingqing saw Becky and Ford tugging at each other and then four cubs were born in the process. The adult and children were all fine, so she felt relieved.

“This mustn’t do. This is too dangerous. We must resolve this as soon as possible.”