Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 581 - I Miss You So Much

Chapter 581 - I Miss You So Much

Chapter 581: I Miss You So Much

Curtis was reluctant to part with Bai Qingqing as he held her in his embrace, holding her so tightly that she couldn’t breathe. “I miss you so much.”

“Ooh ooh!” Unable to breathe, Bai Qingqing pounded her fists upon Curtis’s chest.

Only then did Curtis slightly loosen his grip so that she could raise her head.

Bai Qingqing panted, before raising her head to glare at him. But when she saw his fatigued face, the anger was instantly replaced by heartache.

“How many days has it been since you last slept?”

“Three days.” Curtis said, “I wanted to come home and sleep seeing as I was about to reach.”

“You!” Bai Qingqing felt both anger and heartache. She poked at his pale chest that was devoid of the color of blood. “You need to learn to balance work and rest. Why were you in such a rush to get back?”

“I missed you.” Curtis riveted his eyes upon Bai Qingqing, as though she was the most valuable treasure on earth. With one hand cupping the back of her head, he kissed her forcefully.

The words got stuck in her mouth, and she cooperatively hooked her arms around his neck and relaxed her body.

“Hmph!” Parker crawled in and shouted, “Qingqing, your flour is here. Do you want to eat noodles?”

Bai Qingqing threw him a glare and hurriedly shoved Curtis’s tongue out of her mouth. “Ooh ooh!”

Curtis cast a cold sideways glance at him and pinned Bai Qingqing’s head against himself even more tightly. He kissed her even more pa.s.sionately now, making amorous sounds as he did so.

Locked in a fiery kiss in the presence of others, and what’s more, making clear and loud strange noises while doing so, Bai Qingqing’s face exploded with redness.

As for Parker, his face exploded with greenness.

On the other hand, Winston stood by the side so quietly it was as though he didn’t exist.

Finally, Bai Qingqing brandished her secret weapon—grabbing Curtis’s hand and letting him touch her stomach.

Curtis finally let go of her and gently caressed the delicate skin underneath his palms. “I was too happy to see you that I forgot all about it.”

She quickly wiped her mouth with a flushed face, not daring to look at any of the males in the house.


Parker said, “On the first story. Let’s go and take a look.”


Bai Qingqing pulled him to the first story of their tree hole as though she was fleeing. And it was only after she left the “crime scene” that she managed to breathe properly again.

She didn’t look at the food immediately. Instead, she raised her head and said, “Winston, can you help to hunt prey and let Curtis eat it so that he can sleep well afterward?”

“Okay.” Winston’s deep voice sounded from above right away.

Only then did Bai Qingqing excitedly check on the food they hid away previously.

“Since there’s a gathering tonight, let’s make some delicious food and share it with everyone.”

Parker only graciously agreed considering Qingqing had enough staple food to last for a year. “Okay. Are we making noodle soup?”

“No, there aren’t many people in the village yet, so there’s no need to make something so simple. Let’s make dumplings.” Bai Qingqing let out a chuckle as she spoke. “Alright. Actually, it’s just that I feel like eating meat today. Dumpling is a delicious dish consisting of dough wrapped around meat.”

Seeing her salivate from the mere description, Parker naturally didn’t have any objections. He nodded and said, “Okay.”

Bai Qingqing estimated that with 40 to 50 females in the village, for each female to be distributed ten dumplings, five hundred dumplings would be enough.

The duo got to work right away. With no entertainment to kill boredom in the beastman world, cooking could be considered a pastime.

When Winston came back, he joined them in the making of the dumplings.

Although all of them were new to it, if one didn’t go for pretty-looking patterns on the edges, it was actually very simple to simply fold them into semicircles.

As most of the village’s residents were from the tiger tribe, half of the dumplings were made with fish paste.

Once the skies got dark, the area around the waterhole started bustling with life.

20 to 30 females had been bought this time, and the tribal head arranged for them to be seated together. They were allocated four bonfires and were taken care of by their original males.