Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 579 - Found Their Hidden Stash of Food

Chapter 579 - Found Their Hidden Stash of Food

Chapter 579: Found Their Hidden Stash of Food

With that, Molly stormed off to the large tree where Alva resided.


Bai Qingqing caught the animal skin bag, took two steps forward, and then stopped.

She merely said that to make Molly feel more psychologically balanced. Why did she suddenly flare-up?

Quarrelsome lovers! Perhaps Molly and Alva were truly destined for each other.

With the fishb.a.l.l.s in one hand and the horned melons in the other, Bai Qingqing tied both to the vines at Molly’s home after some thought.

Beastmen had a territorial sense, and this was true especially for the males. Thus, they wouldn’t go near someone’s abode for no reason, much less take something that didn’t belong to them.

Bai Qingqing went home with a peace of mind.

Alva had just been given a scolding by Molly, and the minute he turned around he ran into the tiger king.

“Is something the matter?” Alarm bells went off in Alva’s head. The tiger king was Bai Qingqing’s mate, and he had spoken with her today. The tiger king must be here to seek trouble with him.

Alva’s intuition was spot-on. Winston went straight to the point. “Our village is going to send out the second batch of beastmen to exchange for females. I want you to go.”

Alva was about to decline when Winston said, “Of course, you’re free to refuse. But our village will take in no idle loafers. You can choose to either comply or leave.”

The words of refusal got stuck in Alva’s throat, and he had no choice but to agree to it.

The next day, Winston sent out even more males this time, and even the Prince Charming of the village—the peac.o.c.k—went with them.

On the other side, Curtis had arrived at the land where the City of Beastmen used to be.

Over this span of one year, the traces of the calamity had been erased. The plants were green and luxuriant, and the chirping of birds and insects rang in one’s ears. Only one or two roofs were exposed in the ground that revealed the brutality of history.

The world had undergone tremendous changes, and Curtis only managed to ascertain its location by the remnants of the destroyed houses.

After more or less confirming the location, the black and red gigantic snake gazed towards the route where they ran as they were being chased after and slithered in that direction.


Curtis flicked out his tongue and sniffed the ground.

After such a severe earthquake, surely the things weren’t buried in the depths of the earth?

He didn’t give up and searched all over the mountains. A tuft of abnormally crowded green seedlings attracted his attention.

Curtis’s tail swung from side to side as he slithered over.

The rainy season had just pa.s.sed, and a tight cl.u.s.ter of flowers had bloomed from the seedlings.

Curtis transformed into a human and dug away the soil around the seedling.

Indeed, there was a wine jar hidden underneath.

So, it turned out this tuft of seedlings turned rotten from contact with water due to the poor quality of the animal skin bag in which it was placed. As a result, the wheat germinated.

Thankfully, the other animal skin bags were very st.u.r.dy. He opened up the bags and saw that the flour, wheat, and rice grains were intact.

Curtis’s expression relaxed. He tied everything into a single bundle using a vine and started dragging the large bundle home.

It only took him seven days to reach this place, and three days to locate the items. Now, with all sorts of luggage dragging him down, Curtis’s speed slowed down considerably, and it ended up taking him a month to make it back to the village.


The majestic roar of a tiger beastman reverberated throughout the mountains. Bai Qingqing could hear the excitement in the voice, and she knew that something joyous had happened in the village again.

“Parker, hurry up and carry me down.” Bai Qingqing set aside the needlework and pulled the ear of the leopard snoozing on the floor.

Ever since she got to eat the fish she had been craving for, her appet.i.te had become better, and with that, her stomach started bulging. Clad in animal skin clothing that exposed her midriff, one could see that her abdomen had visibly bulged up.

Parker, sprawled on the ground, let out a roar and transformed into a human. But his sharp ear was still in Bai Qingqing’s hand. Hands feeling itchy, she pinched his ear, causing it to indistinctly turn red at the tip.

Parker waved away her hand and said, feigning anger, “Don’t you know you shouldn’t pinch a male’s ear?”