Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 555 - Expanding the Village (2)

Chapter 555 - Expanding the Village (2)

Chapter 555: Expanding the Village (2)


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“… If it wasn’t for a natural disaster, such a powerful village wouldn’t have suddenly disappeared.”

The beastmen had gotten their answer in their hearts.

Indeed, the next moment, their king laid out specific goals.

“I want to build a village even more powerful than the City of Beastmen. Not many females died in the City of Beastmen, but there aren’t many males protecting them. It’s highly possible that they have been distributed among the various tribes.

“Now is the best opportunity. Those tribes with an abundance of females will likely very generously exchange those females for salt.

“I will allow those females to bring their original spouses along with them. First, it would calm them down, and second, it will strengthen our village’s capabilities.”

Only a deep and booming voice could be heard amidst the silence, controlling the heart beats of all the beastmen.

“Once our females increase in numbers and news gets out, powerful beastmen—such as the eagle beastmen—will take the initiative to join us. Our village will strengthen at an incredible speed, and when that happens, the feral beasts will no longer pose as a threat.”

Bai Qingqing was impressed and in awe upon hearing Winston’s speech.

Although there were a lot of formidable characters in the City of Beastmen, plenty of infighting went on. But judging it as a whole, it was indeed an indestructible existence.

At least, you wouldn’t hear of them being bullied by the scorpion tribe or something.

If Winston were to build such a settlement, as the founder, he would absolutely wield the greatest power and prestige. Infighting wouldn’t exist here.

Bai Qingqing started to look forward to that vision the more she thought about it.

Much less needed to be said for the tiger beastmen underneath—their breathings had gotten heavier.

As someone used to be in power, the tribal head managed to suppress his excitement very quickly. However, when he spoke one could still tell how worked up was from his tone. “Why are you choosing single males? Stronger males are more suitable for such a task.”

“I naturally have my reasons for letting them go.” Winston said, “I’ve been in charge of exchanging for the females on many occasions when I was in the City of Beastmen. The chances of success will be higher if we can attract females to take the initiative to come forward.”

Such as saving the damsel in distress. Though, despite having saved a damsel in distress himself, he didn’t manage to shake off the fate of being disdained back then.

Winston looked towards Bai Qingqing. Other than an intense love, there was also grat.i.tude in his eyes.

Realization dawned upon the tribal head.

Just like this, the young and strong male beastmen in the village set off with the salt.

In order to ensure their safety, this time they only took twenty jars of salt with them, just nice for exchanging for one female. If they brought too much salt with them, Winston was worried that greed would overwhelm the beastmen of other villages, leading to them simply robbing his men of the salt and killing them. In which case, the loss would outweigh the gain.

After the young males left, Molly started feeling vexed.

“Bai Qingqing, do you think I will end up being the only female that no male wants in our village?” Molly looked dispirited as she propped her chin in her hands.

She was universally acknowledged to be the most beautiful among the young females in the village. Although in the past her requirements were a little higher, leading her to not being particularly close with any males, surely it didn’t mean she deserved her current plight?

If she had known that the males would be leaving today, she would have just chosen a male among her admirers. But now, all of them had left.

“Hahahaha…” Bai Qingqing burst out laughing unkindly. She patted Molly on the shoulder and said, “Don’t be anxious. When Winston succeeds in expanding the village, you might be able to choose a stronger mate. You can have your pick among the eagles, leopards, and all sorts of species.”

“That does sound attractive.” Molly’s eyes rolled around as she considered this possibility.

“I’ll have one or two spouses first. When that time comes, I can take in a few more.”

The speechless Bai Qingqing thought to herself:

I couldn’t tell that this la.s.s is actually quite fickle-minded when it comes to love!