Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 546 - Something's Not Quite Right With Her Males

Chapter 546 - Something's Not Quite Right With Her Males

Chapter 546: Something’s Not Quite Right With Her Males

Roaring, Parker involuntarily transformed into a leopard out of shock and laid sprawled on the ground.


Whisked away by the waist by an enormous force, Bai Qingqing couldn’t breathe. Her hand subconsciously tried to pry away the snake circling her waist.


He responded to her with his icy tongue, which first touched the tip of her nose, before gliding downwards and squirming into her mouth.

Bai Qingqing instantly understood that Curtis had the exact same idea as Parker.

Why were all of them like this… Clearly, the males in other families only mated for the sake of procreation. Why were her males so similar to the men on Earth?

She truly couldn’t take it—the beastmen’s stamina, combined with humans’ frequency of going into heat.

Alright, since her period had yet to come, she would just oblige if he wanted to do it.

Bai Qingqing softened her body and laid on the ground with the giant snake. The coa.r.s.e abdomen of the snake kept rubbing against her waist, which had an animal skin skirt wrapped around it. Bai Qingqing cooperatively pulled down her skirt, and the snake tail turned around and yanked it off completely.

Then, the snake squeezed his body between the female’s legs…

Crawling up to see that the duo was already in this state, Parker whimpered softly. “My turn tomorrow.”

With that, he transformed into a leopard and held down his lower body with his paws and crouched at the tree hole entrance.

Bai Qingqing had no idea when she stopped feeling apprehension towards Curtis’s snake form. It was only when her body fully accepted Curtis’s snake form that she shockingly realized that she had given in to the sensual pleasures.

As he had entered too quickly, Bai Qingqing’s s.e.xual desire had yet to be aroused. Though, her face flushed, nonetheless, looked just like a piece of warm and flawless red jade with the moonlight veiled over her face.

Wanting a pause, she pushed against the giant snake pinned over her body. Right away, she could feel a sticky substance gluing their private parts together. And when she tried to push him away, the slight separation caused those parts to stick together more tightly.

Sensing his lover’s resistance, Curtis penetrated even deeper.

“Mm, ah…”

A sweet moan involuntarily escaped Bai Qingqing’s throat.

Other than that, the sound of someone swallowing his saliva was also apparent in the tree hole.

Among the three breathing sounds, Parker’s was the most obvious.

After casting a glance at the leopard with his blood-red snake eyes, Curtis coiled his body around the female underneath him tightly.

However, while he might be able to block the female’s body, he couldn’t block out the female’s melodious voice.

This pa.s.sionate lovemaking in the tree hole lasted until the next morning.


With the night breeze blowing throughout the entire night, the water level in the salt pit visibly decreased by the time morning came.

Winston instantly got his men to fill the pits, then walked to the beach to check on the salt being cooked.

Lifting the tree leaf over the stone pot, a layer of grayish-white salt was exposed under the sun.

This was cooked last night. Though it didn’t look like the salt powder they were accustomed to using, Winston was already very happy to succeed in obtaining something that resembled it.

After dabbing some on his hand and placing it into his mouth, Winston furrowed his brows slightly.

It didn’t taste too good—a little too bland and not salty enough. Also, it left a slightly bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

But there wasn’t the issue of impurities that Bai Qingqing was concerned about. This was because he had paid close attention to the water quality right from the start and took care not to add anything filthy into it.

He sc.r.a.ped out this pot of salt and contained it with a tree leaf. There were about ten kilograms of it, which he went on to expose under the sun.

It only took them one day to cook this much salt. Seems like their village no longer had to fret over the issue of salt.

This great success stirred up Winston’s ambition. He wasn’t planning on going back just like that.

Since they could make more salt, the more the merrier.

He wanted to expand the village and create a settlement that was even more magnificent in scale than the City of Beastmen so that he could offer Bai Qingqing the best protection and care.

“Your Majesty, you haven’t slept a wink all night. Do take a rest now. We can take care of things here,” a tiger beastman advanced in age came up and, with a perturbed heart, said to him.

Winston responded with an “mm,” then said, “Continue cooking. Just a.s.sign a few tiger beastmen to watch over the salt pits. The rest can come here to cook the salt.”