Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 54 - Picking Mushrooms

Chapter 54 - Picking Mushrooms

Chapter 54: Picking Mushrooms

“I don’t believe you,” said Bai Qingqing, pouting.

Cortis was electrified by the female’s adorable expression and liked her even more. He rubbed his face against hers.

“All females like children, that’s why I wanted you to have more. You might grow to like me then. Moreover, if we mate, eggs might form. It won’t do to not lay them.”

Bai Qingqing neglected the first part. She wouldn’t like snake babies.

As for the latter part… the reason Cortis had s.n.a.t.c.hed her must be to satisfy his s.e.xual cravings. Pui, lewd snake!

“Then now… cough cough!” Bai Qingqing continued to act weak. The moist firewood produced a lot of smoke, causing her to cough, and her sickly act appeared even more convincing. “Do you still want to mate with me?”

“I won’t,” Cortis said decisively. He patted Bai Qingqing’s back so that she could breathe better. “Are you alright? Have some yellow root to feel warmer.”

Bai Qingqing finally felt completely relieved. She shook her head and said, “There’s no need to cook it by itself. I’ll just add a little more yellow root when I cook later.”


The matter about mating pa.s.sed by just like that.

The rain continued for two days and only stopped on the third day.

As the sky cleared up, Bai Qingqing’s suppressed feelings also felt a lot better. She ran out of the cave barefooted, looking for food.

The air had been washed by the rain for two days and felt so pure and clear that there wasn’t a speckle of dust in them. It made one feel that even breathing was an enjoyment.

There was fungus everywhere on the moist and fertile land, including the phallus indusiate that looked as if they were dressed in bridal gowns, the wood ear that grew on rotting logs, as well as other mushrooms that grew together in a bunch. There were many more fungus that Bai Qingqing couldn’t recognize. They had bright colors and looked beautiful, but were probably poisonous.

Bai Qingqing stood near a batch of fat mushrooms that looked like they had red spots on them wearing a very hesitant expression.

There was a 99% chance that this red fungus was poisonous. As long as she could poison Cortis, Parker’s tribesmen, who were in the vicinity, would definitely be able to locate her.

However, what if she were to end up killing him?

Although Cortis’s figure was big, and a small amount of poison might not necessarily kill him, the poison found in most fungus were neurotoxins, and the results were hard to antic.i.p.ate.

Bai Qingqing’s hands that were lowered by her sides clenched tightly. She was about to squat down when Cortis’s voice suddenly rang out from behind her.

“This one is poisonous. It can’t be eaten.”

Bai Qingqing got a huge shock, feeling conscience-stricken. When she turned over, her heart was still beating rapidly. “Is… is that so.”

She secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Since Cortis knew that, then forget it.

Cortis followed behind Bai Qingqing, not leaving her side, feeling thankful that he had followed her. Otherwise, she’d be a goner if she were to pluck the mushroom and put it in her mouth, thinking that it looked beautiful.

“Are you hungry? I’ll go start up the fire for you.” Cortis patted her head adoringly.

Bai Qingqing dodged Cortis’s big hand, then turned to continue heading forward. “I’ll look for other fungi. It’s so rare to see so many of them that it’d be a waste if I don’t have my fill of them.”

“I told you that they’re poisonous.” Cortis frowned, feeling displeased. He pulled Bai Qingqing’s hand and said, “Don’t be mischievous.”

“But there are those that aren’t poisonous.” Bai Qingqing understood that Cortis viewed all fungus as poisonous and randomly pointed to a bunch of wood ears, saying, “This isn’t poisonous. I like to eat it a lot.”

Cortis looked over in the direction Bai Qingqing’s finger was pointing toward. It was true that there was nothing in the legacy that said that anyone had gotten poisoned after eating these pitch-black things. However, it was because no one had eaten them. It was still uncertain if they were poisonous.

Seeing that Cortis seemed to want to prevent her from eating any fungus, Bai Qingqing quickly said, “It’s fine. I’ve been eating wood ears since young and have never gotten poisoned before.”

“Alright.” Cortis’s decided to give in. He’d just test it for poison first later on.

Bai Qingqing immediately felt delightful and ran over to pick the wood ears and other fungi happily. She completely forgot the thoughts of wanting to poison Cortis