Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 529 - Combat Pit

Chapter 529 - Combat Pit

Chapter 529: Combat Pit

“Kill him! Kill him!”

“Bite him to death! Bite him!”

In the combat pit, countless voices were screaming at the top of their lungs; human voices and the roars of beasts blended together, raising a ruckus.

Within stood a brown bear with the st.u.r.dy build of an iron tower, pounding his own chest. As he let out a growl, he smashed the head of the wolf beastman lying on the ground with his fist.

Bang! White brain goo mixed with red blood splattered across the ground.

Bloodstains like this were seen everywhere on the ground, as well as footprints made by various beasts.

Some were alive, while some had turned into corpses that filled up the corpse pit in Flame City.

The brown bear straightened his body and let out a victorious roar.

“He’s won two consecutive rounds. One more round and he will be able to level up.”

Flame City had a strict level system, and beastmen were divided into various grades and ranks. They weren’t judged based on their number of animal stripes, but rather, by the number of combat battles they won.

For every three consecutive wins, one would move up a rank, and in turn receive more water, better housing, and get to play with better females.

Without any roots and unrestrained by spousal marks, these males were a bunch of creatures even more brutal than savage wild animals.

As the beasts’ roars grew in intensity, it felt like the roof was about to flip over.

“Who, who else wants to challenge!” The bear beastman transformed into a human and declared arrogantly.

A white tiger squeezed his way out of the audience and leaped onto the combat pit.


The bear beastman’s expression changed. When he got a clear view of the scar on that white tiger’s face, he retreated continuously.

“You’re a four-striped beastman. If you skip the ranks and challenge me, I can invite beastmen to fight alongside me,” said the bear beastman.

Winston’s gaze swept over the audience as he opened his mouth to let out a growl.

His intent was understood by everyone. Some beastmen rubbed their hands in antic.i.p.ation, eager to give it a try.

A four-striped beastman’s abilities were on par with the owner of Flame City. Under normal circ.u.mstances, no one would dare trifle with him. But this white tiger had never taken part in a duel before, so no one was aware of his true capabilities. Hence, they wanted to find out for themselves.

Since he was challenging someone with fewer stripes than him, not only could the weaker party duel with ten times the manpower, if he claimed victory he could also skip ranks in his leveling up. This was why despite the high risks, many beastmen still wanted to give it a shot.

Everyone here was a dangerous outlaw.

Very soon, several tens of beastmen jumped up. As the victor of the previous round, the bear beastman selected the nine strongest beastmen, all of whom were the cream of the crop among those with three animal stripes.

The scorpion beastman acting as the judge struck a sh.e.l.l, declaring the start of the battle.

Ten three-striped beastmen unanimously pounced towards the tiger beastman, whom they surrounded in the center.


With an unstoppable aura, the fearless Winston leaped towards the mountain-like brown bear right opposite of him.

Bang! The burly brown bear fell to the ground abruptly. The white tiger smashed his head with his claw in one swoop. Just like his previous victim whose brain was similarly smashed to smithereens, a large pool of blood splattered across the ground.

Except, this time, the pool of blood was wider, and even from the traces of blood one could detect the swift and fierce aura.

After Winston finished off a beastman in mere moments, he instantly jumped away and confronted the nine beastmen of different species facing him.

The nine beastmen halted for a moment, before charging towards Winston in unison.

The combat pit turned into a blurry mess of killing, with no distinction made between an ally or the enemy. The noise from the viewing area reached an unprecedented level of high.

The battle ended amid the audience’s nervousness, with no doubt as to the winner.

It ended with the bitter defeat of the ten beasts—five died, and another five were wounded. Those defeated beastmen clearly knew that they were about to die, yet there wasn’t any struggle or indignation on their faces. Instead, they looked as though they were finally free.

Actually, that moment when they were abandoned, they had already died inside.

Scorpion beastmen instantly came over to drag away the losers, including those who were still alive. Regardless, they were all dragged away like dead beings.

Winston shook his bloodied head and swept his bloodshot eyes over the beastmen in the audience.


Getting impatient, Winston transformed into a human and asked, “Any more challenges?”

Having not gotten a reply for a long time, Winston looked towards the scorpion beastman watching over the combat pit. “Can I directly level up to the supreme rank now?”