Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 504 - The Tiger King Has Come (4)

Chapter 504 - The Tiger King Has Come (4)

Chapter 504: The Tiger King Has Come (4)


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“They’re but a group of weaklings whom the females despise.”

There was disdain in Parker’s tone. “If they’re capable, they wouldn’t have been abandoned by the females in the first place.”

Winston’s mouth twitched, looking grotesque with the scar on his face. “You’re belittling the enemy. Nothing is holding them back; they have no will to live, and they fear nothing. They have violent temperaments, and the speed at which their abilities are enhanced is beyond an ordinary beastman’s imagination.

“They’re much scarier than feral beasts.” Worry clouded Winston’s tiger eyes as he gazed at Bai Qingqing.

At the thought of those males who abducted Becky, Bai Qingqing didn’t at all doubt Winston’s words. “They’re very scary indeed.”

Parker also fell into deep thought.

He had heard that the male whom Becky’s mother abandoned only had one animal stripe back then, but a few years later, his number of stripes increased to three.

What was it that made them advance at such incredible speed? How enviable.

“What’s going to happen if a three-striped beastman enters the city?” asked Parker enthusiastically. “Will he level up to a four-striped beastman a few years later?”

The amused Bai Qingqing kicked Parker on his chest as she asked, “Are you going to leave me?”

“I’m merely asking in pa.s.sing. I can also pretend I was abandoned.” Parker felt sad as he glanced over at Curtis; among the males in the family, he was forever the weakest. His previous suggestion for Bai Qingqing to choose that stripeless tiger beastman wasn’t without reason.

He also wanted to find someone weaker than him so that there was someone he could bully! Now that Winston was here, it was no longer possible.

But it was worth it since Qingqing could have one less spouse.

Winston sputtered with laughter. “Feral beasts become powerful at a greater speed, and they also die faster. If you’re not afraid of death, you can go ahead and try.”

Capabilities were exchanged for using their lives.

Having lost interest, Parker pouted and said, “Forget it, then.”

Meow~ Third nudged his head against Bai Qingqing’s chest. She knew right away that he was hungry. She looked towards Winston.

Winston’s gaze fell upon the little cubs, his eyes turning warmer. “Are these the cubs you just gave birth to?”

“Mm. Err…” Bai Qingqing asked in embarra.s.sment, “Can you go upstairs to rest? I’m going to feed my cubs. There are three stories upstairs. You’re free to choose any of them.”

Winston went up as he was told right away.

Curtis brought over a stone bowl and covered her with a blanket. “Go ahead and squeeze it.”

It was an extremely painful thing to remove clothes during the cold season. It took Bai Qingqing quite some mental preparation before she summoned enough courage to take off her coat.

The trickling of milk could be heard coming from the blanket. As she squeezed, she asked, “Now that Winston is here, are you going into hibernation, Curtis?”


Bai Qingqing let out a sigh. “Alright.”

“Don’t run out of the village when I’m not around,” instructed Curtis.

“I know.” Bai Qingqing rea.s.sured him.

Never mind the fact that Curtis wouldn’t be around; even if he were, she wouldn’t want to roam about. She didn’t want to invite new trouble with that face of hers, with the current mess unresolved.

Curtis relaxed, and fatigue started to set in uncontrollably. His blood-red eyes had turned misty.

“I’ll be on the fifth story.” With that, he transformed into a snake against his will, and after one final look at Bai Qingqing, he slowly slithered upstairs.

Parker revealed a grin as he squirmed into the blanket. “Let me help you, Qingqing.”

Bai Qingqing reluctantly retracted her gaze from Curtis, before bestowing a word upon Parker.


The leopard cubs had entered and were making satisfied gulping sounds inside the blanket.

The tiger tribe fell into excitement due to the arrival of the beast king; even the tribal head had gone down the tree to look.

Winston jumped down from a height of more than ten meters and let out a deep tiger growl.