Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 487 - Dealing With the Aftermath (1)

Chapter 487 - Dealing With the Aftermath (1)

Chapter 487: Dealing With the Aftermath (1)


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Parker ran to the edge of the water and said after scooping out the oil covered-water, “How are you going to scoop out all the oil with so much floating on top? Forget it, let’s just go back and sleep.”

“No way!” Bai Qingqing objected. “I’ve thought of a solution earlier on. We’ll be able to scoop it out.”

Bai Qingqing didn’t dare to look at Bluepool as she retrieved the tools she prepared in advance from behind the rock.

One tree branch shaped like a crescent moon, one stone bowl used for eating, and one oil bucket.

The tree branch was half the length of the waterhole. Bai Qingqing placed it on the water surface and pulled it inwards, and the oil was thus removed. The tree branch was very slim, and one only had to exert a slight strength and it would curl into a circle. The layer of oil trapped within turned visibly thicker in no time.

Bai Qingqing held up the tree branch with both hands and asked for help from Parker, who was standing beside her. “Parker, help me scoop it.”

Parker was highly impressed. He held up the bowl and said as he started scooping the oil-stained water, “Qingqing, you’re so clever.”

Bai Qingqing cast a glance at Bluepool onsh.o.r.e, then let out another sigh.

Using the tree branch, the oil in the waterhole quickly diminished. Bluepool glided into the water and bobbed up after a while, expressionless. “Light can enter the water now. You should go back and sleep.”

Bai Qingqing merely glanced at him and didn’t say anything as Parker and Curtis were around. She nodded and set down the tools.

After the three of them returned to the tree hole, the atmosphere was a little tense.

It was so dark inside the tree hole that Bai Qingqing couldn’t see a single thing. Such an atmosphere made her uneasy. She was about to say something, when she heard Curtis say, “Merfolk aren’t like land beastmen. They’re more like snake beastmen… Don’t ever do something like this again. He really will kill the female.”

“Got it,” Bai Qingqing replied softly. She had already regretted her actions when she saw Molly being dragged into the water. Thank G.o.d Molly turned out alright.

Noticing her depressed tone, Curtis pulled her into his arms without even realizing it. He laid an animal skin over her body, sounding warmer this time. “Let him choose his own mate. He’s not your responsibility.”

Then, he suddenly changed the topic. “But if his target is you, I will kill him.”

Bai Qingqing’s heart skipped a beat. Thank G.o.d she didn’t tell him about how Bluepool had been pestering her to mate every single day when they were back in the sea.

Feeling the fatigue set in, Curtis slowly extended his snake tail. He said, “I’m hibernating during the cold season. You can find a tiger male as a mate and let him take turns taking care of you with Parker. Merfolk can’t capture prey on land, so I won’t accept him.”

Bai Qingqing was so fl.u.s.tered that she hurriedly waved her hands and shook her head violently. “No, no, no. I don’t want anyone else other than you two.”

Speaking of spouses, Bai Qingqing recalled Muir, whom she almost accepted, and she abruptly clenched her fists.

Recalling how the silly her had felt grateful towards Parker, if Curtis wasn’t hugging her, Bai Qingqing would have banged her head against the wood.

No, she had to seal that memory. It was so dumb of her back then! She should stop thinking about it! Not even if they had already become mates!

Parker was overjoyed at Bai Qingqing’s guarantee. He said fearlessly, “I think the male we met outside today isn’t too bad. Although he doesn’t have any animal stripes, he still has the basic hunting abilities. Anyway, he just needs to be of use during the cold season. What do you say, Curtis?”

“Whatever,” replied Curtis. So long as it didn’t pose a threat to Snow’s fondness of him.

“Hey! Parker! What male?!” Bai Qingqing was so mad that she jumped out of Curtis’s embrace and chased after Parker to smack him.

Roar! Roar!

The leopard cubs joined in the fun with their mother, biting their father’s feet from below. As Bai Qingqing couldn’t see them, she accidentally stepped on two of the cubs at one go, making them let out painful cries.

Liveliness and warmth resumed in the tree hole once more.