Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 443 - The Snake Suddenly Appeared

Chapter 443 - The Snake Suddenly Appeared

Chapter 443: The Snake Suddenly Appeared

Sensing a surge of water current behind him, Bluepool knew that King was chasing them. Although he had known all along that King was extremely fast, he was still shocked to see just how fast he was today as he faced him as an opponent.

He wouldn’t be able to take Bai Qingqing away just based on his speed alone. Very soon, he would be attacked.

These thoughts merely flashed by in Bluepool’s mind. The reality was, as the danger pressed closer, his instinct made him turn around and launch a counterattack, shoving the bubble behind him as he did so.

The two fishes instantly got entangled in a battle, causing ripples to explode in the sea.

Seated in the bubble and sinking downwards, Bai Qingqing could only helplessly watch on as the two mermen engaged in battle. Looking behind them, she saw the densely gathered mermen exuding a horrifying aura.

There was a time when she was even seduced by their beauty. Right now, though, Bai Qingqing merely felt that they were so cold it was terrifying. In fact, they reminded her of the zombies that had fallen into the sea in the movie “Resident Evil.”

The shoal of fishes had noticed her. No idea who was leading them, but suddenly, voices filled with murderous intent erupted from that shoal of fishes.

“Jean told us to kill her!”

As speed was a trait of all merfolk, in the water they were like firecrackers that had been lit up. They swam to the bubble in no time.

Bluepool halted, slapping his fishtail against King’s body and turning using the momentum.

King also froze. The fishes were out of control.


It was King’s voice. It had been a long time since a female intervened in their affairs, and they had long grown used to not having a master. Gazing at the scene before them, they were momentarily dazed.

Bluepool instantly gave chase, but still, he was too late.

Amidst the female’s shrieks, the bubble burst.

The shrieks instantly ceased.

The frenzied fishes instantly froze on King’s order and suspended in the water, as though someone had pressed a stop b.u.t.ton.

At the same time, somewhere in a dark valley, a pair of blood-red eyes opened.

Bai Qingqing’s widened eyes speedily lost their glow. Under the immense water pressure, seawater gushed into her nostrils and mouth that had subconsciously opened. It felt like the water pressure was crus.h.i.+ng her internal organs.

The second before she lost all consciousness, Bai Qingqing vaguely saw a black and red snake figure.

Was it a hallucination on the brink of death? But she really wanted to see Curtis again…

As he swam towards her, Bluepool sucked in seawater through his nose and spat out a blue bubble from his mouth, which slowly enlarged. The excess seawater filtered out from behind his ears.

Even faster than him was King. As Bluepool blew bubbles at a slower speed, before he could catch up to Bai Qingqing, he caught a glimpse of a golden bubble from his peripheral vision.

The golden bubble burst its way through the seawater towards Bai Qingqing, quickly enveloping her.


Bluepool turned towards King, a half-enlarged bubble hanging dazedly at the corner of his mouth.

The next moment, his eyes widened in horror, as a black and red snake figure reflected in his eyes. When he got a proper look at the face on the snake’s upper body, Bluepool looked like he just saw a ghost.

King also instantly felt the surge of murderous intent. He was just about to leave when he felt a powerful force coming from behind him. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood as his body was sent flying away like a piece of garbage.

Bluepool dodged rapidly, avoiding colliding head-on with the snake.

The snake figure flashed by, his snake tail curled around an unconscious female as he speedily swam upwards.

All of this happened too suddenly. Only when the snake figure vanished did the smudge of blood in the seawater slowly started spreading outwards.

The shoal of fishes was caught in a daze for a long time. As they raised their heads towards the water surface, unspeakable terror could be seen in their eyes.

Bluepool shook his fishtail and gazed at the fishes surrounding him, taking the chance to flee for his dear life.


King coughed twice and raised his hand to indicate that he was well and alive.

“What do we do? What’s that smake’s background? Is he the snake beastman that s.n.a.t.c.hed the female away?”

“Seems like it.” King spat out a mouthful of bloodied seawater and said with a serious expression, “Prepare for battle. A vicious battle is about to commence.”