Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 433 - The Real One Has Come

Chapter 433 - The Real One Has Come

Chapter 433: The Real One Has Come

With Bluepool still standing there, Bai Qingqing stroked Third’s head and pressed it down, saying, “I’m hungry. Help me go and get food.”

Bluepool leaned against the wall and said softly, “I won’t be going today.”

Bai Qingqing felt anxious. “You’re going back on your word?”

Bluepool burst out laughing and said, “Forget it. I had wanted to give you a surprise. I put up a request to the leader yesterday. I can let you and Parker meet.”

“Really?” Bai Qingqing was overjoyed. She bent over to pick up First and Second. “Then, let’s go quickly. I can’t wait.”

“What’s the hurry? I haven’t notified him yet. To ensure your safety, I plan on letting him come to an island in the middle of the sea to meet you.”

“I want to bath in the sun and warm up a little. Bring me up to the first.”

Seeing that she was so afraid of the cold, Bluepool gave in.


He changed the air in the cave, then blew out a bubble to contain Bai Qingqing. He then led a big group of merfolk and swam toward the surface.

On the, a leopard was staring at the sea with glowing eyes. A peac.o.c.k flew over and slowly landed next to him.

“Is there no news of Bai Qingqing yet?” The peac.o.c.k turned into a beautiful man and said, seemingly at a loss.

The leopard didn’t budge.

Alva said, “Turn into a human for a while. We’ll have a common female in the future. Let’s be friends.”

Parker threw him a stingy gaze and finally turned into his human form.

“She told me about you before. She doesn’t like you. On the account that you helped me, I suggest that you change your target earlier. There are other good-looking females. You can take a look around.”

Alva said in disdain, “Who can be more beautiful than her?”

It was a subconscious reply, but after saying that, Alva thought that he actually liked Bai Qingqing’s ugly appearance as well. This feeling was probably his life’s goal.

Alva said, “I heard from my tribesmen yesterday that a female who is clean and fair like Bai Qingqing came. Her hair is a beautiful blue, but I wasn’t interested to go take a look. I came over to help you look for Bai Qingqing at the first instance.”

Parker’s eyes opened wide, and he abruptly turned his head toward him. “What female are you talking about? What does she look like?”

Alva was so shaken that he felt nervous. He answered honestly, “Fair skin and blue hair. I didn’t pay attention to the other details.”

“What beastman is she with? Where did you guys discover her?”

“Oh, she’s with a three-striped male from the ape tribe. People in the tribe saw smoke and flew over, discovering them.” As Alva said this, he suddenly turned his head. “You guys have a feud with them?”

Could it be that Qingqing and that blue-haired female came from the same place? They were both beautiful and had competed with each other over their beauty, thus forming a feud?

But Bai Qingqing wasn’t the type who liked to compete with others.

Parker’s heart sank. This was bad. Jean must be returning to the merfolk tribe. Qingqing was still down there!

“How long more until they arrive?”

Seeing his anxiousness, Alva quickly replied, “I remember hearing from my tribesmen that it’s hard to travel the mountainous path there. We only need to take half a day to fly there and back, but they’d only be able to arrive tonight or tomorrow for one-way.”

Parker was in no mood to care about the peac.o.c.k anymore. He got up and ran toward the sea.

Coincidently, Bluepool came over at this moment.

“I’ll bring you to meet Bai Qingqing,” said Bluepool in a loud voice as he floated on the surface of the sea.

Parker didn’t ask anything and followed him. When Alva heard that they could meet Bai Qingqing, he quickly turned into a peac.o.c.k and flew after them.