Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 425 - : Merfolk's Tears

Chapter 425 - : Merfolk's Tears

Chapter 425: Merfolk’s Tears

King suddenly turned to Bluepool, whose expression stiffened up.


“You were the one who brought Jean back. You’ll be first in line to mate her.”

Bluepool’s tail stiffened, and his eyes opened wide. It took a while for him to regain his senses.

Great elation surged in his heart, and Bluepool swung his tail vigorously, catching up with a “swoosh.”

“Jean.” Bluepool’s gaze flickered, and tears rapidly rolled out from his eyes and trickled down his face.

Bai Qingqing a.s.sessed Bluepool’s face seriously, not sure if he was really crying. When in the sea, would tears still fall when one cried?

She was thinking this when that tear condensed into a translucent crystal.

Bai Qingqing opened her mouth wide. So the legend that merfolks’ tears could turn into pearls was true!

“Scram!” Bai Qingqing had seen enough and gave Bluepool this one word.

If it wasn’t for him, why would she be threatened? Although she had her own objectives, before she attained it, she still felt a lot of discontentment.

Bluepool was so excited that he couldn’t control himself. He leaned on the bubble and wanted to say something when King threw him a cold glance. Bluepool immediately left.

The light rays at the bottom of the sea were so weak that it was hard to capture with the human eye. Bai Qingqing was immersed in endless darkness. She hugged onto the leopard cubs and curled her body as she looked at some of the fish and plants in the sea emitting light.

The living creatures in the sea were all beautiful and colorful, emitting fluorescent light. Bai Qingqing felt scared, but she still couldn’t help but admire the beautiful scenery.

Not long later, a group of fish swam to the reefs and King entered, carrying the bubble. The other merfolks kept a distance and watched as they entered.

Bluepool, thinking that he was also a merfolk with mating rights, followed after them.

King suddenly looked back, and Bluepool immediately stopped, saying, “You have already given me mating rights.”

“Females need a tremendous amount of food to feed mammal offspring from the land. Go find food for her.”

Bluepool exhaled. “I’ll go right away. Jean, what dish do you want to eat?”

“Anything,” Bai Qingqing said. Although she could see, she could tell from their conversation that she’d be alone with King later.

This King gave her a cold-blooded feeling, just like how Curtis was back then. She felt a little scared.

“Anything will do. Just be quick,” Bai Qingqing then added.

“En,” Bluepool replied, and then swam off excitedly.

It became even quieter, and Bai Qingqing swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Even the sound of her swallowing sounded abrupt.

Not long later, a stretch of brightness appeared before her eyes. Bai Qingqing leaned against the bubble and blinked, then slowly saw that it was a cave.

“This will be where you’ll be staying from now on.”

There was no water in the cave, and many luminous pearls were embedded on the walls, filling the place with soft light rays.

King pushed the bubble Bai Qingqing was encased in toward the cave. The two layers of a thin film wouldn’t merge together, so he placed them tightly together without any gaps, then said to her, “Go in.”

Bai Qingqing pouted, then carried her children as she entered.

King must have used some kind of ability. The bubble that Bai Qingqing hadn’t been able to get out of suddenly became soft like dough, and she managed to get out with a simple attempt.

As she didn’t have any prior experience, she fell out, head first.

She was in so much pain that she gasped. Before she checked herself for injuries, she checked her children first.


The cubs looked at Bai Qingqing and cried out softly, seemingly uninjured. Only then did Bai Qingqing rub her forehead. Even her shoulders were hurting a little from the impact.

King walked in as well, looking at her with a gaze as if he was looking at an object.