Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 418 - The Merman Encounters the Leopard

Chapter 418 - The Merman Encounters the Leopard

Chapter 418: The Merman Encounters the Leopard

The two bowls of milk were poured into a bush with small red flowers.

The young leopards regained their strength and played happily at the door.

Bai Qingqing walked over to Parker and sat down beside him. Parker glanced at the children and said, “It’ll be better when they’re a bit older. They’ll be able to protect you when I’m not around.”

“I’ll have to wait for a really long time for that.” Bai Qingqing didn’t dare to imagine what it would be like if Curtis still hadn’t returned after the children had grown up.

“Okay, your new clothes are ready. Try them on.” Parker placed the clothes against her body and stretched out his arms.

Bai Qingqing gestured and asked, “Aren’t they too big? My chest will definitely become smaller after the children have been weaned off of milk.”

“I’ll just alter them, then. I felt bad after seeing that you didn’t have any other clothes to change into,” Parker said as he rubbed his crotch, which had a small bulge.

Bai Qingqing glanced at it, then held up the animal skin against her body, pretending to check if it fit her.

“Try it on. I’ll go mark our territory,” Parker said as he stood up.

Bai Qingqing nodded.

He walked out quickly, then marked their territory with urine. All beastmen naturally did this, even if they lived in a village.

With this layer of protection, the number of beasts that dared to come near their territory was much fewer.

However, Parker still kept his guard up. It was very easy to encounter feral beasts out in the wild. His marking would not only be unable to deter them but also attract them.

That meant females with few males protecting them could be around. They were prime targets.

However, with this marking, the risk of the children playing nearby was much lower.

After he was done marking their territory, Parker took his animal skin skirt while walking back to the cave. “Qingqing, I’ll be going out to hunt.”

Bai Qingqing looked up at the sky. It was about time for Parker to feed.

“Mm,” Bai Qingqing responded and called out to the children to come back into the cave.

Parker threw his skirt into the cave before blocking the entrance with a rock. He then transformed into his beast form and ran down the mountain.

There was a saying in the world of beastmen: Where there’s water, there will be merfolk.

The current of the river at the foot of the shrub mountain was swift. The silhouette of a blue fish could be seen swimming upstream. It was one of the merfolk.

Bluepool looked left and right as he swam.

Where could the leopard beastman have taken the female? Rescuing the female on his own would be best, but if he couldn’t, he had to at least find strong clues so that he could convince King to step in.

Bluepool didn’t think that things would go so smoothly. The moment he exited the water, he b.u.mped into the annoying land beastman.

He immediately went back into the water and hid among the weeds as he spied on him.

Parker was walking along the river and decided to stop for a drink.

“Roar?” With his keen senses, Parker felt himself being watched. He instantly became alert, and his body straightened up as he turned to glare at the bunch of weeds.

Oh, no. I’ve been discovered.

Bluepool promptly swung his tail and escaped. Although he was also a three-striped beastman, he would be at a huge disadvantage as he was on land, and he wouldn’t be able to fight well in such a small river.

Parker’s eyes suddenly widened upon seeing a fishtail.

What a huge fis.h.!.+


Parker’s hunting instincts caused him to jump into the river without thinking. He paddled around and stuck his head in the water.

The river water was blurry due to the fish’s movements. Parker narrowed his eyes and swam forward, but the fish was nowhere to be seen.

Eh? Where’s the fish? Where could such a huge fish hide?

Parker raised his head. His whole body was submerged in the water. After fruitlessly paddling for a while, he went ash.o.r.e in defeat.

Bluepool worriedly turned back to look towards the river as he rushed towards the ocean.

This land beastman is so barbaric that he tried to hunt me! But he was too naive in thinking he could do so underwater.