Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 404 - Breast Milk

Chapter 404 - Breast Milk

Chapter 404 Breast Milk

Parker was the first to react. He licked away the white liquid at the corner of his lips and pressed upon her breast with one hand, while speedily scooping up one cub with the other and placing him on her breast.

As the clever leopard cub detected the smell of food, he wrinkled his nose urgently while encircling her. Several seconds later, he finally got to taste his biological mother’s milk.

The baby’s toothless mouth was like a perfect suction tool. With his lips pursed, there weren’t even any cracks. Bai Qingqing could feel something flowing from her body towards her baby, bringing her a biological sense of happiness.

As her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were big, they contained more milk than usual. The instant Parker let go and let the little cub bite it, quite a lot spewed out.

Despite choking on the milk, the little cub refused to let go. After coughing twice, he continued to drink. The milk that he didn’t manage to swallow in time burst out and dripped on Bai Qingqing’s body.

Bai Qingqing’s heart ached at the sight of that spilled white liquid.

What a waste!

Bai Qingqing turned her head away, seemingly calm, but in actuality, feeling a deep sense of despair.

Sh*t! It actually flew out on its own!

Then what’s going to happen when the babies have their fill? Are they going to empty themselves by flying out?

The baby looked like he really enjoyed it, much more so than leopard milk. This made Bai Qingqing feel slightly heartened.

“I’ll suck this side now. Move your arm away.”

Parker’s voice snapped Bai Qingqing out of her reverie. Then, her shoulder strap was pulled down.

Parker went on to pull her clothes down to her waist and repeated the previous process. The familiar sensation made Bai Qingqing grip the animal skin under her tightly.

It didn’t feel very good to be forcibly sucked at that spot.

Shortly after, Parker accomplished his mission for the second time.

This time, both of them were armed with experience. Bai Qingqing first pressed upon her breast, before picking up a little cub and carefully stuffing it into his mouth.

As a girl, Bai Qingqing was naturally more meticulous than Parker. Hence, not much milk was wasted this time around.

Among the three of them, the tiniest Third was left behind. With his soft front paws stepping on his mother, his yellowish-orange, clear, and large eyes were opened wide as he let out a pitiful cry.

“Meow meow—”

Bai Qingqing’s heart ached for him instantly. She stroked the tummy of the cub who first started drinking and felt that he had drunk enough. Toughening her heart, she grabbed his body and yanked him away from herself.

“Ooh ooh!” The little leopard cub’s mouth had quite a great suction force as it held on tightly to the source of food and refused to let go. However, due to his mother’s heartless removal, he was forced to let go of his bite.

With a crumpled up face, Bai Qingqing stroked her chest and glared at the cub. “You little brat. With this much strength, why couldn’t you suck it out yesterday?”

Parker chimed in, “If you bite Mommy again, I will give you a good thras.h.i.+ng.”As he spoke, he even waved his paws.

Meo-ow! The leopard cub raised his little head and purred at Bai Qingqing.

This was Eldest. His skill of acting cute wasn’t at all inferior to Third.

His pitiful cries made Bai Qingqing wish she could grow another nipple.

With the ample milk flowing from her chest, the three leopard cubs drank to their heart’s content and had puffed up bellies by the time they were done. It occurred to the quick-thinking Bai Qingqing that if she were to transmigrate to the ancient times, she would probably be able to earn a living by working as a nanny for a wealthy family. After she fed her babies, the swollen sensation at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s disappeared, and they appeared slightly flatter. Having been sucked at for so long, her nipples had turned the same shade as fresh red dates, giving off a piercing pain.

However, her milk didn’t flow out uncontrollably as she had imagined. After pressing upon it for a while, it stopped spilling outwards.

Rain drizzled upon the ground outside the cave and turned the entrance moist.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, Parker looked up at the skies and said, “The rain isn’t going to stop anytime soon. I’ll go look for some firewood and start a fire to warm you up.”