Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 383 - Parker Has Come

Chapter 383 - Parker Has Come

Chapter 383: Parker Has Come


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Was it Muir or some other bird?

When Parker saw a second bird, he got his answer. They were definitely beastmen who had come from the City of Beastmen and were after Qingqing’s life.

There were only two of them, so Parker wasn’t afraid. He climbed up a tree and roared loudly.

There was no way that he’d let the beastmen who were after Qingqing’s life go!

When the two eagle beastmen heard his voice, they exchanged a glance and flew down.

Parker was all geared up for battle, but the two eagle beastmen knew their limitations. They landed on the branches of another tree and took on their human form.

“We’re here to check out the situation at Sea Cliff. It seems that the disaster has nothing to do with Bai Qingqing. We won’t continue to go after her life anymore,” said one of the eagle beastmen.

Parker’s brows raised and he changed into his human form as well.

“Your eyes aren’t here for nothing.”

The eagle beastman wasn’t infuriated. He apologized sincerely. “We’re here to apologize to Bai Qingqing. She’s a female. We shouldn’t have treated her the way we did.”

“There’s no need for that,” Parker said impatiently. “You guys can leave. Just don’t come and disturb us. I’ll pa.s.s your word to Qingqing.”

He didn’t believe the eagle beastman’s words. The two eagle beastmen could just be trying to make use of him to find out where Qingqing was. Although he was sure that he could beat them, he didn’t want to let Qingqing be in the slightest danger.

The eagle beastmen exchanged a glance and nodded.

“Alright, we’ll be going back then. The rainy season is coming and the females in the City of Beastmen need to be taken care of.”

After saying that, the two eagle beastmen changed into their beast forms and flew in the direction of the City of Beastmen.

Parker felt completely relieved and ran on forward excitedly.

Muir had come out to hunt. Recently, Qingqing only liked fatty meat, so he started to search for them early in the morning. However, he didn’t expect to see Parker and even hear the conversation.

What was meant to come was finally here.

He’d be chased out of the wooden house by Bai Qingqing immediately. He really… couldn’t bear to part with the peaceful life he had shared with Bai Qingqing during this period. It’d be good if such days could continue for a few more days, just a few more.

Muir was a lot stronger than those two beastmen. With him intentionally avoiding Parker, the latter didn’t notice him.

Parker ran toward Bai Qingqing excitedly. With each step he took, he felt that he had gotten closer to her. He should be able to see her very soon.

Parker’s heart was palpitating, his golden eyes gleaming in joy. Suddenly, a few peac.o.c.ks stopped him.


The peac.o.c.ks cried out fiercely, their feathers flaring out, making their bodies appear even bigger.

Parker realized that this was the village that Qingqing had asked to stay in temporarily. He quickly halted in his footsteps and even backed off a few steps in a friendly manner, turning into his human form.

“I’m here to look for my mate. She’s called Bai Qingqing. Is she staying here with you guys?”

The few peac.o.c.ks exchanged a few glances then let out a few cries toward Parker. One of them turned and flew off while the other few continued to block Parker from advancing.

Parker knew the rules of the villages. They’d have to wait for the village head to approve before he could enter.

He paced about anxiously, having a strong urge to just charge in. Suddenly, he saw a shadow flas.h.i.+ng past from the corner of his eyes.

“Hmm?” Parker looked over.

Wasn’t that Muir? Going by his large body, it must be Muir.

Parker was elated and cried out loudly toward him, “Muir! I’m here!”

He had no idea if the black eagle heard him, but the latter continued flying on without turning back, disappearing from Parker’s view.

“Did I get the wrong person?” Parker mumbled.

When Alva received the news, his first reaction was to raise his arm to smell it. He then felt troubled and frowned.