Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 371 - Their Absence Makes Me Feel Uneasy

Chapter 371 - Their Absence Makes Me Feel Uneasy

Chapter 371: Their Absence Makes Me Feel Uneasy


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Before Muir returned to the peac.o.c.k village, he deliberately washed away the smoky smell on his body, so his body was still slightly moist. Using the illumination from the moonlight, Bai Qingqing saw that his wound had already formed a scab and didn’t look quite as scary as it did during the day.

“Hurry up and lie down. Have a good rest.” Bai Qingqing looked at the only animal skin in the house and indicated for Muir to lie down upon that.

As the female’s gentle voice entered his ears, Muir’s heart abruptly skipped a beat.

Although the two of them had slept in the same place previously, that was because they didn’t have a choice. Out in the wilderness, he had to protect Bai Qingqing right by her side. Right now, though, it was a house, and there was only one nest. It was safe around here, so he could very well just sleep on a tree branch.

Muir’s heart started beating faster as he quietly sat down on that animal skin.

Bai Qingqing removed the animal skin and shook it, before spreading it on the other side of the wooden house. Muir felt mildly disappointed to see that, but the joy in his heart did not lessen.

It was already rare enough that they got to sleep in the same house.

“Muir, I feel so scared.”

Bai Qingqing laid down with her head facing the outside and said softly as she gazed at the scenery.

On the other hand, Muir was gazing at her. In the darkness, an unconcealable pa.s.sion could be seen in his eyes, as always.

“What are you afraid of? No one can hurt you.”

With a hand laid over her heart, Bai Qingqing lowered her gaze and sighed as she looked towards her left ankle. “Their absence makes me feel uneasy.”

Muir fell silent.

Bai Qingqing looked towards Muir and pleaded. “Please don’t put yourself in danger anymore. I don’t wish to implicate you guys.”

Muir stared fixedly at Bai Qingqing, the corners of his lips curling up slightly all of a sudden.

Bai Qingqing had always shown resistance towards him. However, there seemed to be a dependency in her eyes as she gazed at him.

Nighttime, the most dangerous time of the day in the forest.

There were plenty of shadows in the forest, either baring their fangs and brandis.h.i.+ng their claws or lurking in the mountain. With all the sounds magnified manifold, one could even hear the flying movements of tiny fireflies clearly.

A lizard crawled along the tree trunk of a small crooked tree, staring at its prey with its glowing eyes as it waited for the prey to fly by before it. Yet, it was oblivious to the fact that it was being viewed as a prey right this moment.

A flat-mouthed fox flew out from a corner and, with a huff, bit the lizard.

In a matter of moments, just as the flat-mouthed fox succeeded in capturing its prey, the sound of something rippling through the wind sounded once again, as a smudge of yellow flew across the night sky.

“Chip chip—”

The sharp, soft, and tragic cry of the flat-mouthed fox rang throughout the forest, as it turned into some other beast’s food the instant it caught its prey.

With the prey hanging from his mouth, Parker stared warily at his surroundings. He dragged the prey up a tree and, standing on the branch of a tall tree, started to devour the prey.

In order to save time, Parker had been hunting prey during the night, and after eating, he slept while he digested the food.

Today during the daytime, he sensed Bai Qingqing using the power he gave her.

This was why he delayed his resting time tonight and only hunted in the middle of the night.

Qingqing might be in danger. He had to speed up.

But with Curtis’s incredible speed, he ought to have found Qingqing already, right? Why did he allow Qingqing to fall into danger?

Hopefully, this was just Qingqing being playful.

After filling his belly, the leopard tossed the bones of the prey under the tree and closed his eyes as he laid sprawled on a tree branch.

From time to time, when the wind rustled his fur, he would p.r.i.c.k up his ears and shake them. Occasionally, when an animal pa.s.sed by below the tree, he would even open his eyes slightly to look.

Maintaining his alert state, he rested for half a night. The second day, the skies had just turned bright, and the leopard was fully rested.

What remained of the prey from last night attracted quite a lot of insects. He walked over and sniffed at it, then sneezed disdainfully, before resolutely running in the direction of his spouse.