Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 37 - Seek Help From the City of Beastmen

Chapter 37 - Seek Help From the City of Beastmen

Chapter 37: Seek Help From the City of Beastmen


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“Oooo… Qingqing…”

In the wooden house, the leopard lying in the gra.s.s nest suddenly moved its four limbs rapidly, seemingly yearning to sprint.

When Harvey heard the movement, he instantly set down what he was doing and walked over. Pinning down the leopard whose wounds had ruptured because he was fidgeting about, he cautioned. “Parker, stop moving. Do you have a death wish?”

Parker suddenly abruptly opened his eyes, an alarming ferociousness in his golden eyes. Springing up into the air, he pounced onto Harvey and brought him to the ground.

“Wake up!” Shocked by Parker’s murderous aura, Harvey’s back broke out in cold sweat.

Staring ferociously at Harvey’s face, Parker gradually regained his senses. Letting out a howl, he said, “Harvey?”

The relieved Harvey angrily pushed Parker away. “Crazy beast. Don’t transform now. Be careful, else your wound will rupture.”

Parker asked anxiously, “Where’s Qingqing?”

Harvey fell silent, heartache evident in his gaze.

He too felt the pain of the loss, but because he had never harbored hopes towards Bai Qingqing, he didn’t feel the pain of losing one’s mate and merely felt heartache for Bai Qingqing.

Parker felt his hopes dashed to pieces. His eyes darted about as if an idea suddenly struck him. He instantly ran out.

Harvey quickly stopped him. “Where are you going? You’re severely injured, you need to recuperate in quiet.”

Parker roared at Harvey, before tossing him off and sprinting away.

He had no choice but to rely on the influence of his matriarchal race. Although he was chased out by his family and had said he wasn’t ever going to return to the City of Beastmen, right now only his matriarchal race had the ability to s.n.a.t.c.h back Qingqing from the hands of the four-striped homeless beast. He had to give it a shot.

In the center of the City of Beastmen, a four-story-high ancient-looking stone castle stood. It was the highest architectural building in the city.

A leopard sprinted into one of the castles, vomiting blood as it ran, leaving behind sticky specks of red.

The two beast guards at the door looked at each other. The young master who was chased away had returned. Should they make him leave?

Without waiting for them to figure things out, the young master was nowhere to be seen now.

Then, just… forget about it.

Acting as though they had seen nothing, the two leopard guards continued standing at their posts with solemn expressions.

In the back garden of the castle, a female who was approximately thirty years old lazily laid on a rattan chair decorated with green leaves as she ate the specialties her mates brought back from various lands in the beast world, a leisure expression on her face.

“Mm, the horned melon from the City of Deserts is the sweetest of all fruits.” Memi was relis.h.i.+ng the taste of a red fruit about the size of a pomelo when suddenly, a bandaged leopard sprinted towards her.

“Who is this?” Memi glanced over, not at all nervous. Since this person was allowed to enter, he must be one of their own people.

Which mate of hers was this? He was so severely injured that she couldn’t even recognize him.

Parker transformed back into a human and leaped onto Memi’s lap. “Mom! Your son’s female was s.n.a.t.c.hed!”

“Pff!” Memi sputtered a mouthful of blood-red fruit jam onto Parker’s face. “Parker?”

“My darling baby. Where have you been all these days? How did you get beaten up so badly? I asked you not to leave the City of Beastmen and you wouldn’t listen.” Memi rubbed Parker’s face with heartache evident on her face. She adjusted his bandages that had become messy because of his transformation and said, “Tell Mom who was the one who beat you up. Mom will ask your fathers to avenge you!”

The motherly love that Parker hadn’t experienced for some time warmed up his heart. He hugged his mother, then let go of her and said, “My other fathers won’t do. My own father has to personally step in. The homeless beast who s.n.a.t.c.hed away my female has four animal stripes.”

In their family, only Parker’s biological father, the leopard king, had four animal stripes. He was one of the four strongest beasts in the City of Beastmen.

Memi’s expression froze before she quieted down. “Four-striped homeless beast? It wasn’t easy for you to finally have a female. I haven’t even seen her yet. We have to s.n.a.t.c.h her back!”

Parker nodded his head repeatedly. “Mm, mm.”

“But your father isn’t in the City of Beastmen.” Memi pondered a moment, then said, “I’ll arrange for someone to search for news of your female first. Don’t fret, Baby.”

Parker replied, “Thanks, Mom.”