Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 346 - Curtis and the Eagle Beastmen Came Chasing

Chapter 346 - Curtis and the Eagle Beastmen Came Chasing

Chapter 346: Curtis and the Eagle Beastmen Came Chasing

Bai Qingqing gazed around and, making use of whatever she could find, grabbed a handful of mud and smudged it on her head. After was.h.i.+ng with the mud twice, the oil from her hair actually came off.

Since she was wearing loose-fitting clothes anyway, Bai Qingqing boldly took off her undergarments. After she was done bathing, she even scrubbed those little articles of clothing.

She felt really glad that she was wearing Curtis’s snakeskin, which was so cooling and easy to dry, that day.

However, it wasn’t so easy for her to put on her tube top again after she was done was.h.i.+ng it, as the tube top was too tight. She had to be careful as she put it back on. If she wasn’t, she would sink into the water.

“Has it shrunk?” Bai Qingqing tried stretching the tube top. It’s still so elastic, seems like it hasn’t shrunk.

She then pinched her own breast. Ooh… seems much plumper now. Ooh, it hurts!

She was indeed undergoing a second phase of development.

Bai Qingqing was pretty sure that was what was going on. She turned her body slightly and peeked at Muir with her peripheral vision.

Muir’s gaze was fixed on Bai Qingqing the entire time. When he saw her looking at herself, he asked, “Are you done?”

“Err… ah, yup.” Bai Qingqing crawled to the sh.o.r.e and placed the hand that was holding the tube top behind her back. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Muir’s expression.

Between avoiding embarra.s.sment and comfort, Bai Qingqing decided on the latter after some hesitation. Now, she could only brace herself and face this.

Muir merely glanced at Bai Qingqing, before transforming into an eagle and sending her back to the nest.


Watching as Muir left, Bai Qingqing let out a long exhale.

The snakeskin fabric was rather st.u.r.dy. He probably can’t tell, right? He didn’t show any abnormal signs either.

With this thought, Bai Qingqing lowered her head. When she caught a clear view of those two protruding dots, only one word came to her mind.


When they got back to the nest, Bai Qingqing tried putting on the tube top again. With no one watching her this time, she could move as much as she could to squeeze into it. She did manage to put it on alright, but it was so tight that she felt suffocated—even the dense snake prints appeared stretched. She only persisted for several minutes before removing it.


In the forest, a leopard with bloodshot eyes agilely climbed up a tree, before quietly s.h.i.+fting to another tree.

Underneath the tree, a white tiger slept due to his exhaustion.

The leopard turned around and revealed a gloating smile as he glanced at the tiger.

Hmph, hmph. He had deliberately taken Winston for a wild run for several days and only made his escape when the latter was at his most exhausted. By the time Winston woke up, it would all have been too late. By walking on the trees, regardless of how formidable Winston was, he wouldn’t be able to give chase according to the scent on the tree.

The joy this brought to the leopard seemed to lessen the fatigue he was feeling.

Somewhere else, Curtis heard the sound of waves.

He could sense Snow more and more strongly. She should be in the vicinity. Curtis flicked out his tongue. He could even scent Bai Qingqing’s scent in this place.


Curtis looked up at the sky and saw tens of black figures moving, resembling pesky flies.

Darn it. That group of eagle beastmen actually managed to find him again. Although he didn’t much conceal his tracks, there was much camouflage in the forest. For the eagle beastmen to be able to spot him, their eyesights were indeed impressive.

If there was a chance, he would get rid of them. For now, finding Snow was the priority.


Muir was flying in the skies on the gra.s.s. The preys on the ground were as small as ants, but he could see them clearly with his black and sharp eagle eyes.

Chirp chirp.

“Screech screech screech—”

Several young eagles flew from the direction of the forest and shouted to Muir.

Muir abruptly stopped in his tracks and stared at them in shock.

[What? You saw the snake beastman? That’s impossible!]

He had only brought Qingqing here yesterday. How did the snake beastman—who crawled on land—manage to catch up to them today?

[Are you sure you saw it correctly? He’s a snake beastman with black and red prints.]

The young eagle replied in a defiant tone: [I’ve never seen wrongly before. It’s a black and red snake. There are many adult eagle beastmen chasing after him.]