Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 339 - Having Bai Qingqing to Himself

Chapter 339 - Having Bai Qingqing to Himself

Chapter 339: Having Bai Qingqing to Himself


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Muir had spent a lot of effort for this meal. He went to a reef he was familiar with to find a small block of salt crystal. (There were some reefs in the area where salt crystals would form naturally but in small quant.i.ties.) When he was picking fruits and gathering firewood, he was also lucky to come across garlic that was more commonly seen. He then returned and carefully roasted the meat.

The young eagles circled around Bai Qingqing, not bearing to leave. Although they were young and had yet to come into contact with the brutal compet.i.tion, they still instinctively wanted to have more contact with females.

Muir wrapped up the food with leaves, carrying it with his mouth as he came down. He released a strong pressure, only then did the young eagles scattered off anxiously. Only a few black and gray feathers were left in the air, spinning as they floated down.

Smelling the barbecued meat that had the fragrance of garlic, Bai Qingqing’s appet.i.te was piqued. She took the meat from him and took a big bite. As she ate, she spoke in a m.u.f.fled voice, “It’s good.”

Muir’s culinary skill had improved by leaps and bounds on the journey and was now comparable to the barbecued meat standard by ordinary beastmen. This time around, after spreading garlic and salt on the meat, it tasted especially delicious.

Bai Qingqing felt very satisfied. After having her fill of meat, she felt a greasy taste in her mouth.

Muir looked at Bai Qingqing quietly, using his black and hard nails to pry open a coconut sh.e.l.l, handing it to her.

Bai Qingqing took it and drank a sip. Her mouth felt refreshed and she asked in surprise, “There are coconuts here?”

That was true. On Earth, coconut trees grew in the tropics by the sea. The temperature here was high enough and it was also by the sea. It was normal for there to be coconuts growing here.

“This is called coconut? We didn’t name it. We’ll call them coconuts in the future, then. I wasn’t able to find a vessel to hold water, so I just picked this. Do you like it? I’ll go pick more back later.”

Muir’s voice was filled with adoration. He was never one who spoke much, but after spending time with Bai Qingqing, he gradually learned to communicate.

Just like the other eagle beastmen who found mates.

Muir firmly believed that as long as he learned the way the City of Beastmen’s beastmen used to pursue females, then he’d be able to get Bai Qingqing to like him.

“I do.” Bai Qingqing nodded. Fresh coconuts were sold for over ten bucks in the market. They were all worth money!

After drinking the coconut juice, Bai Qingqing ate the coconut flesh with Muir’s help.

It could be that she was used to sleeping while they were traveling on the road that Bai Qingqing became very to sleepiness. After she had her meal, she leaned at the very inside of the nest to digest her food. It wasn’t long before she fell asleep.


Muir called out softly. Seeing that she didn’t give any reaction, he carried her up gently, placing her down in the center of the nest where it was flat.

It was a rare opportunity that Bai Qingqing managed to have a delicious meal, and she slept very peacefully. Her pink and tender lips opened slightly, revealing two white teeth and a bit of her tongue. Her exhale had a faint coconut fragrance.

Muir stared at her sleeping face, and his heart suddenly palpitated. He lowered his head and planted a light kiss on her lips.

Their lips immediately parted after coming into contact. Muir grabbed onto his chest, where his heart was beating so quickly it felt like it was going to jump out from his body. With a sway, he turned into an eagle and flew up to the top of the cliff.


The moment Muir went up, he called over all the young eagles who lived in the Sea Cliff.

There weren’t any distinctions of statuses here. However, as Muir brought back a female, all the young eagles came flying over after hearing his call.

[There are beastmen who want to bring harm to the female. Help me keep a lookout.]

Muir said, [If a snake beastman and a leopard beastman appear in the area, notify me immediately.]

The young eagles’ eyes were filled with fury, and they immediately agreed to help him.

[Why does the snake beastman and leopard beastman want to harm the female? Isn’t the snake beastman the female’s mate?]

A slightly older young eagle asked. He was closed to maturity and had been recalling what his father had told him about females.