Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 321 - Jean Appeared (2)

Chapter 321 - Jean Appeared (2)

Chapter 321: Jean Appeared (2)

The ape king’s face turned very pale and he was very rough as he grabbed Jean’s now-white shoulders, saying anxiously, “He already likes Bai Qingqing. Males won’t have a change of heart so easily.”

Jean’s countenance immediately changed and she pushed the ape king away hard, saying in a cold voice, “You don’t believe in my charms?”

The ape king pursed his lips and said with difficulty, “Of course not. Not one can fend off against your seduction. That’s why I never let you appear before others.”

Jean’s countenance turned a little better as she said confidently, “There’s no male that I can’t get my hands on if I want them!” Unless… it was that strange guy whom she had gradually forgotten.

For some reason, she recalled the past from many years back. Jean was no longer in the mood to continue talking with the ape king, and she lay down with her back facing him.

The next morning, a female dressed in pink and blue chiffon attracted everyone’s attention.

That fabric was something that no one in the City of Beastmen had ever seen before. It seemed translucent but yet wasn’t so. Under the glistening morning sunlight, she appeared even fairer than snow. Even though a large part of her face was covered by blue chiffon, and her upstroke alluring eyes that were exposed made it hard for others to turn their gaze away.

The beastmen further away thought that she was Bai Qingqing. Only Bai Qingqing had such snow-white skin. However, those closer could differentiate between them. The ends of Bai Qingqing’s big eyes were droopy and were more of the adorable type. This female, on the other hand, didn’t have eyes that big. The angle that the ends of her eyes arched up was very alluring.

Moreover, she had a pair of beautiful dark-blue eyes. When she looked at someone, her eyes seemed as if there was an endless vortex in them, being able to suck out a person’s soul.

This was a pair of contradictory eyes. They seemed to be born with magical powers.

“Who are you? Are you new to the City of Beastmen?” Although the guards at the tiger castle were also dazzled by her beauty, they still stopped her as they were supposed to.

“I’m the ape king’s mate, Jean. I almost never go out, so you guys don’t recognize me.” Jean’s voice was like cool seawater, penetrating deep into one’s heart. If it wasn’t because the male guards already had mates, they’d probably faint from bliss due to having gotten the chance to speak to a beautiful female.

Jean continued to speak in a gentle voice, “As there have been some misunderstandings between the ape king and Bai Qingqing’s mate recently, I’m here to mediate.”

The two guards exchanged a glance and then one of them ran into the castle to inform Winston.

Any female’s request would be treated with importance by beast kings. When Winston heard the news, he immediately came over.

Jean raised her head and looked toward Winston with her pair of glistening blue eyes. She quietly looked at him, as if she only had eyes for the one she was looking at. Her gaze was filled with allure and affection.

Winston was swayed for a moment before he turned his gaze away emotionlessly and spoke in a deep voice, “Come on it. The sun is hot outside.”

Jean moved her small feet which were adorned with exquisite sh.e.l.l chains as she entered the castle gracefully. The crisp sounds of the from her feet kept on ringing out as she walked.

“I know you. I’m very sorry about the matter with the ape king. It’s all my fault.”

When Winston heard the female’s voice, he felt a little perplexed as he replied with an “en”, and then turned to look at her.

“He’s only jealous. It’s because… he discovered that I have been sneaking looks at you at a gathering.”

Winston paused in his footsteps, his gaze locking onto her once again.

“I like you.” After saying that, Jean lowered her head, waiting for Winston’s reply.

Before Winston had gotten to know Bai Qingqing, being fancied by a female was something that he dreamed of having. After he had a goal, this desire was suppressed at the bottom of his heart. If there were no accidents, he’d completely forget about this desire gradually.

However, this dream was suddenly realized. Winston suddenly felt that a certain regret in his heart had been filled. It was as if he’d have no more regrets in his life.