Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 319 - Framing

Chapter 319 - Framing

Chapter 319: Framing

“The place where the wolf king’s corpse was discovered has Curtis’s scent. There are also two snake bite marks on the wolf king’s body. The ape king said that he died from poisoning,” Winston explained with a grim countenance.

The ape king! It must be him who had framed Curtis!

Bai Qingqing was furious. She grabbed Winston’s arm and tried to squeeze forward. “Bring me to see the wolf king’s corpse.”

Winston’s hand instantly stiffened up like a wooden statue, completely losing any form of reaction as Bai Qingqing took his hand and they walked off together, with him in a daze.

The beastmen made way for the two of them and Curtis also slithered toward them, shaking his snake tail. The beastmen instantly made an even wider path for them. Curtis pulled Bai Qingqing into his embrace and walked alongside Winston. Parker also chased up to them.

The wolf king’s corpse was in the wolf castle’s front courtyard. A female was laying on his body, sobbing and crying. When she and her mates saw Bai Qingqing’s group, they didn’t have the same fury and vengeance that other beastmen had. Instead, their gazes were filled with doubt and probing.

“Can I take a look at him?”

Bai Qingqing’s tone was very careful, speaking very softly. Her pitiful tone caused the wolf king’s mate to cry even more sadly. However, she didn’t refuse her.

Bai Qingqing was about to walk over when she was stopped by Curtis. Parker understood that he was worried that Bai Qingqing would be a.s.saulted, thus he walked up before she did, checking the wolf king’s body.

The injury was at his neck. There were two very deep, round b.l.o.o.d.y holes.

When the blood-red color was exposed, the female cried even more fiercely.

Curtis felt like laughing after seeing that, his eyes filled with ridicule. “I didn’t expect that a beastman who had been bitten by me in the neck can still keep a whole corpse.”

All the wolf beastmen instantly glared toward Curtis, having a strong urge to pounce at him. Bai Qingqing also glared at him, saying softly, “Be quiet!”

The sound of flapping wings rang out from the sky. Curtis was very sensitive to such sounds and immediately glanced over.

Muir turned into his human form at the corner, saying, “This is definitely not Curtis’s bite. I was bitten by him before. This is the scar.”

Muir raised his chest, allowing the beastmen to have an even clearer look. A faint scar extended out from his left chest to his waist, as if he had been cut by a sharp blade.

“If I hadn’t been quick in dodging, I wouldn’t have been able to stand here today,” Muir said.

Bai Qingqing threw a thankful glance toward him. Muir was sharp and caught her glance, and a warm flow surged in his heart.

However, Curtis felt as if there was something stuck in his chest. The bite he had given Muir back then turned out to become his bargaining chip to get into Snow’s good books.

The beastmen thought about it, feeling doubtful. Then, a voice rang out, “But this was when he was in his semi-beast form. This mouth isn’t as big and it’d be normal for there to be two holes.”

Muir wore a gaze as if he was recalling the past as he shared his life and death encounter with a calm face. “After I was bitten, the wound immediately turned black. If it wasn’t because the snake beastman had left the antidote behind, I wouldn’t have been able to survive until today.

“I swear in the name of our eagle tribe that I haven’t spoken a single word of lie. The leopard that went with me to save Bai Qingqing back then can testify as well.”

The eagle tribe valued their reputation the most. They were hatched in Sea Cliff and would only come to the land in search of a mate after they matured. As they hadn’t come into contact with females before, they had almost no knowledge of how to curry favor with them. Their reputation was considered their greatest merit, and it stood out the most.

With Muir saying that quite a number of beastmen believed him. The eagle beastmen present did not doubt his words at all. Only they knew how much they cared for their reputation.

This did not only apply to those who hadn’t found mates yet. Even those who had would continue to uphold this merit for the sake of their descendants. Pa.s.sed down through the generations, the eagle tribe’s reputation had become deeply imprinted into their bones.