Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 312 - Muir’s Abode

Chapter 312 - Muir’s Abode

Chapter 312 Muir’s Abode

She reached out to wipe her face, but there was already nothing there.

However, Bai Qingqing was struck by an idea

– it was the vibration of the sounds that made the rain fall!

Bai Qingqing recalled this nature doc.u.mentary she once saw on television, which featured a place with a unique topology. She still remembered that the place was at a high elevation and surrounded by mountains. The entire land was shaped like a loudspeaker.

The magical thing was that if people were to stand in the middle and shout loudly several times, very quickly raindrops would start to fall. And after the shouting stopped, the falling rain would also come to a halt.

Of course, that was a remarkable spectacle that came to be due to its unique geographical location; the movements of air currents, etc., were some of the principles behind that phenomenon.

But they didn’t need that. With the large cloud above them, they only had to find a suitable loudspeaker. Based on the beast howls of the City of Beastmen, she felt that using sound vibration to make it rain was a highly feasible idea.

The cloud was drifting at a fast speed. Bai Qingqing grabbed Curtis’s arm and said anxiously, “Can you find a place with this shape? The surrounding mountains have to be connected, and the closer they are to each other the better.”

Bai Qingqing gestured the shape of a loudspeaker with her hands and added, “Search along the path of the cloud. I might have a way to make it rain.” s.h.i.+fting his gaze away from the cloud to Bai Qingqing’s face with much difficulty, Curtis said, “I’ll go and find it.”


A clear and loud eagle screech was heard above their heads. Bai Qingqing and Curtis raised their heads unanimously, only to see the black head of an eagle peering down from the roof.

With a hiss, Curtis felt a strong killing intent explode all over his body. Raising his snake’s tail, when he got a clear view of the situation on the roof, that killing intent nearly solidified.

Just as Curtis was preparing to move, Muir transformed into a human that wasn’t able to fly. With his hands placed on the roof, he jumped onto the walkway on the sixth level and narrowly managed to avoid Curtis’s attack from above.

“It’s faster if I go,” Muir said.

Muir’s mouth was much drier than any other beastmen-his lips were severely chapped, and even when he spoke he wasn’t able to open his mouth at will. Though his chest was still ridiculously muscular, and his tanned skin appeared to radiate the heat from the sun.

“Muir?” With a shocked expression, Bai Qingqing asked, “Why are you here?” Curtis answered her question by sweeping down a giant bird’s nest constructed using some weeds and tree branches with his snake’s tail.

Curtis crawled down from the rooftop. If Muir hadn’t suddenly shown up, he would still have no idea that a beastman was living on the rooftop of his house.

Muir instantly retreated ten-odd steps. Curtis glanced coldly at him but didn’t do anything.From her peripheral vision, Bai Qingqing saw a bundle of yellow fall to the ground. She curiously looked downwards, and her expression froze.

“You… have been living here all alone?” Bai Qingqing widened her eyes in disbelief. She recalled that when she was being attacked by Rosa’s men, she saw a black eagle on top of the leopard king’s castle before Muir showed up in the nick of time

Could it be that Muir had been watching her from a high spot and was even living on top of her house during the drought?

This speculation was too narcissistic and arduous. Bai Qingqing didn’t dare to believe it; neither did she wish to see Muir do this for her sake.

An indistinct embarra.s.sment flashed across Muir’s determined-looking eyes before he gave an affirmative reply with a calm expression. “Mm.”

The corners of Bai Qingqing’s lips moved. She decided that what Muir did was more impressive than the ape king’s feat of sitting like a statue for hours on end.

“I’ll get going then.” With the movement of his shoulders, Muir’s arms transformed into large black wings, and as he took flight, he transformed into an eagle completely.

“We’ll be waiting for your good news!” Bai Qingqing shouted to him. Muir glanced back at her, let out a screech, before chasing after the cloud.