Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 275 - Winston Is Stronger Than the Old Tiger King

Chapter 275 - Winston Is Stronger Than the Old Tiger King

Chapter 275: Winston Is Stronger Than the Old Tiger King

Winston paused in his actions and looked toward the seedlings. “If there’s more rainwater, the seedlings will be in danger.”

“I’m also worried about the same thing,” Parker said.

Winston frowned and gave it some thought before tossing the stone basin to the side. He walked out of the field and let out a roar. “Roar!”

All the beastmen looked toward Winston and quickly ran over.

“Tiger king, why did you call for us?” A voice from the crowd rang out to ask.

The rainwater drenched Winston’s white hair, but it couldn’t wash away his powerful aura. His tiger gaze glanced out and all the beastmen immediately turned silent, leaving only the sound of the rain and the wind.

“A heavy storm is coming soon. I recommend everyone to fence up your fields and not let the water flow in,” Winston said in a deep voice.

“That can’t be. The ape king didn’t mention anything.”

“If we let out all the water and the storm doesn’t come, we’ll still need to scoop water from the river later on.”

Some doubtful voices rang out from the crowd but immediately disappeared after Winston glanced over.

If the ape king was in his shoes, he’d definitely be able to convince everyone with his strong persuasive skills. However, as a fighter who hunted for food, Winston only needed a single glance to get people to submit.

“Water can be filled at any time, but there’s only one batch of seedlings. You guys can’t afford to lose them.” After saying that, Winston moved his gaze from the beastmen to the field. “Parker, stop scooping the water. Let’s dig a trench to let the water out.”

Parker and Curtis had lived together under the same roof for half a year, and he had great trust in Curtis’s senses.

Curtis liked water, but even the heavy rainy season last year didn’t cause him to have any change. However, this time around, he clearly revealed a pleased expression. This showed that the impending rain would be even heavier than the heavy rainy season.

Parker tossed the stone basin to the side, took on his beast form, and started digging at a corner.

When the beastmen saw that even Winston’s field was being dug open, they started to tilt toward believing him. They returned to their own fields for their own preparation.

The tiger beastmen naturally followed Winston’s method, digging trenches and building up a fence on the side. However, the beastmen from other tribes chose to take a more conservative method and merely used soil that was mixed with crushed stones to surround their fields.

The river was located in a lower terrain, so as the trenches were dug toward its direction, the water would just flow out. After all the water was let out, the light rain continued to drizzle down, so the seedlings wouldn’t grow slowly due to a lack of water.

The seedlings in the s.p.a.cious wheat field also grew very well. There was nothing to worry about.

After work in the fields was done, Winston planned on going to hunt. It was his turn to hunt today.

Parker changed into his human form and said, “I’ll go.” Before Winston could give a reply, he turned into his beast form and ran off.

Winston looked doubtfully at Parker’s back view for a moment, then washed his hands with the rainwater and headed for the City of Beastmen.

“Qingqing!” Winston had just arrived at the main bedroom’s door when he instantly sensed an intense killing intent. He quickly jumped away.

An instant later, the spot where Winston had been standing earlier was replaced by Curtis, while Winston squatted on the fence.

Curtis glared at Winston, no longer sporting his casual att.i.tude.

Winston was a lot stronger than the tiger king!

“You’re fighting again.” Bai Qingqing quickly put on her pants, walked out, and pretended to be angry as she glared toward the back of Curtis’s head. She then said to Winston apologetically, “Winston, don’t be angry. This is how Curtis is. Next time just make some sounds when you walk to let us know that you’re coming.”

“En.” Winston’s nose twitched. “Who is injured? No, this is…”

Winston turned to look at Bai Qingqing, then his gaze dropped down.

Bai Qingqing held onto her pants. She didn’t need to look down to sense where Winston was looking at. She smiled sheepishly, feeling helpless inside. No one was able to understand such awkwardness unless they had experienced it themselves.

Curtis walked over to stand in front of Bai Qingqing, blocking Winston’s a.s.sessing view. The two strong fighters looked at each other without saying a word, with intense battling sparks flying between them.