Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 257 - Dashing Out of the Ape Castle

Chapter 257 - Dashing Out of the Ape Castle

Chapter 257: Das.h.i.+ng Out of the Ape Castle

With the almost unconscious female riding on his back, the black wolf dashed out of the ape castle. Beastmen who didn’t know what was going on hurriedly cleared the path for him. Very quickly, another group of ferocious-looking tiger beastmen came chasing after him.

A leopard charged past the tigers with a swoosh sound and went straight for the black wolf ahead.

“What’s going on? Is that wolf beastman s.n.a.t.c.hing a female?”

Of course, the beastmen here wanted to protect the female. Regardless of which party it was that was harming the female, they wanted to stop the beastmen first, to keep the female here.

Hence, the beastmen present simultaneously surrounded the three groups of beastmen who were giving chase. Shuu’s path was completely blocked by the beastmen.

Shuu let out a hysterical howl, a howl which even his fellow wolf beastmen weren’t able to make out the message within. The only thing they could feel was that this was one dangerous beastman, so they blocked his path more resolutely now.

Staring at the beastmen whom he was about to collide into ahead, Shuu heard the sounds of running behind him. Not only did he not reduce his speed, but he also charged even faster towards the wall of beasts instead.


The clear and loud screech of an eagle was heard from the skies above. Under the midday sun, a masculine and strong black figure flashed across the ground speedily.

The black wolf riding the female leaped up, and just as he was about to collide with the group of beasts, in the twinkling of an eye, his body didn’t descend in a smooth arc but glided up towards the sky instead.

The eagle beastman gripped the front limb of the wolf beastman with one of his strong claws and gripped onto Bai Qingqing’s arm with his other claw as he flew to a higher height.

“Roar!” Parker was just about to pounce onto Shuu, when unexpectedly, Shuu was captured by the eagle beastman. He ended up only managing to bite off some of the wolf tail’s fur. He urgently broke past the crowd of beastmen and continued giving chase.

The tiger beastmen behind were starting to become hesitant in their movements. They stared at each other for a moment.

Suddenly, the crowd of beasts grew abnormally quiet—it was as though the noisy crowd of beasts was sealed by a piercing icy coldness.

The crowd of beasts turned their heads in unison. Eyes of different colors and shapes reflected the similarly dangerous reflection of the snake. The tiger beastmen flinched at the sight of the four-striped snake beastman.

“Curtis!” Parker instantly transformed into a human and howled frantically as he pointed towards the sky. “Qingqing has been captured.”

Curtis’s gaze swept the group of beasts coldly, before looking up at the sky.

A black eagle was hovering in the sky. Bai Qingqing, who had recovered some strength now, smiled feebly. “Is that you? Muir?”

“Screech—” Muir responded in his deep voice as he flapped his wings and descended steadily.

“Thank you…” Bai Qingqing said, her face devoid of the color of blood from the shock.

With one wolf and one human in his grip, Muir landed behind Curtis. Without waiting for Muir to land on the ground, however, Curtis propped up his body and caught hold of Bai Qingqing. “Snow.”

Shuu was placed on the ground by Muir, but instead of getting up, he was slumped on the ground panting.

“What happened?” Parker caressed Bai Qingqing’s face then looked at her body and wrinkled his nose rapidly; it was only when he didn’t sniff her blood that his heart was finally put to ease.

“Thankfully you’re fine.” Parker glared at the black wolf lying on the ground. “Is he trying to s.n.a.t.c.h you away?”

“No, they tried to kill me!” Bai Qingqing instantly explained, pointing a finger towards the tiger beastmen who were turning around and preparing to flee.

The tiger beastmen ran as fast as they could.

Lips curled in a cold arc, Curtis calmly handed Bai Qingqing to Parker and said, “Help me take good care of her.”

Parker didn’t bicker with Curtis like he usually did and reached out to hold Bai Qingqing in his arms.

Only then did Curtis look towards the tiger beastmen. With a shake of his tail, a black and red figure went flying out. And when that figure fixed in place again, the tiger beastmen found their path blocked.

What followed next was a brutal and b.l.o.o.d.y fight…

Bai Qingqing gazed at Shuu. Seeing him lying down on the ground and not getting up, she nudged at Parker and asked him to set her down.