Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 232 - Double the Humiliation as Payback

Chapter 232 - Double the Humiliation as Payback

Chapter 232: Double the Humiliation as Payback

The commotion caused many beastmen to surround them. They began to discuss among themselves after hearing Bai Qingqing’s words.

“Yeah. Although it’s pretty weird for them to dig a pit in their house, what does that have to do with anyone else? Why did those young pups come all the way here? To steal food?”

“Probably,” someone echoed.

“Heavens! Rosa’s pups tried to steal someone else’s food. Does she not have enough food for her pups when she has so many mates? Her males are so useless!”

Everyone looked at Rosa’s mates with disdain and contempt.

Rosa immediately burst with anger upon hearing everyone’s comments and nearly threw her pups to the ground. These useless pups have embarra.s.sed me.

Her mates felt even more humiliated. How were they unable to hunt for food? Rosa just got her pups to use their special privilege to bully Bai Qingqing. That backfired and disgraced them.

“Listen, Bai Qingqing!” Hostility was written all over Rosa’s tan face, which was completely devoid of the gentleness of a female. “I’m going to make you pay for this!”

Winston immediately a.s.sumed a domineering stance and walked towards Bai Qingqing, then glared fiercely at the beastmen outside. Parker’s nails quickly grew longer and turned back. He transformed into his beast form as he stood in front of her.

Bai Qingqing pushed Parker away and looked at Rosa with a smile on her face. “I believe you. Haven’t you been doing that all this while?”

Rosa was speechless and so furious that her whole face turned red. She then kicked her pups with neither too much nor too little strength. “Let’s go!”

The round black wolf pups rolled around on the floor and were covered in snow when they got up. They ran after their mother before they could shake the snow off their bodies.

Bai Qingqing pursed her lips. “I’m speechless.”

Although she didn’t know how Rosa humiliated Parker, she’d coincidentally helped him to exact more than enough revenge on her.

Parker touched Bai Qingqing’s forehead. The coolness of her skin caused his brows to knit together tightly. He picked her up by the waist and walked towards the bedroom. “Why did you come out wearing so little clothing? You haven’t gotten enough rest. Go sleep for a while longer.”

“I can’t fall back asleep. I was rus.h.i.+ng earlier, so I just put on whatever clothes I could find before walking out.” Bai Qingqing pressed her cold hands against Parker’s chest and giggled. “Do they feel too cold?”

“No, they don’t,” Parker replied lovingly as he placed her on the nest.

Bai Qingqing picked up the animal skin blanket and wrapped it around herself, then glanced at the stone mill out of habit.

The pile of gra.s.s that used to be left there was now gone.

Bai Qingqing was suddenly jolted out of her thoughts. Curtis is awake? But it’s still cold outside.

She walked over to the stone mill and looked inside the hole. It was pitch black inside, and she couldn’t see a thing.

Curtis probably woke up because of Rosa making a scene. He’s still vigilant even when in hibernation.

Bai Qingqing covered the stone mill with a fresh pile of gra.s.s and said in antic.i.p.ation, “The cold season’s going to end soon. I wonder if Curtis managed to hatch all the eggs.”

Parker, on the other hand, was unhappy. Now that Curtis was awake, he wouldn’t be able to hug her to sleep every day.

“The weather’s getting warmer. It’ll be warmer with each pa.s.sing day,” Parker said.

Bai Qingqing ran her fingernails against the surface of the stone mill, producing creaking sounds that caused one to gnash their teeth. She then s.h.i.+vered and rubbed her arms as she said, “I want to see them.”

Parker tried his best to contain the feelings of jealousy in his heart and comforted her. “He should come out of the hole at any moment now. Let’s not disturb him.”

“Mm.” Bai Qingqing nodded.

Winston glanced at the bedroom door and asked, “The fire’s started. What are we eating today?”

Bai Qingqing pushed aside her negative feelings and poked at her face to produce an exaggerated smile. “Let’s eat hotpot and cook more food. We should all eat together to celebrate.”