Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 190 - Challenging Three-Striped Beastman

Chapter 190 - Challenging Three-Striped Beastman

Chapter 190: Challenging Three-Striped Beastman


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Shuu was still in a state of shock as he looked at the leopard’s departing back view, yet to regain his senses.

Parker had leveled up to become a three-striped beastman?

No, that was definitely impossible! For the past 100 years, even the most talented Winston had only leveled up to become a three-striped beastman when he turned 20, then becoming the youngest four-striped beastman in the City of Beastmen’s history at the age of 25. Now that he was 35, he might become the legendary five-striped beastman.

Winston’s talent was already very rare. How could Parker possibly have greater talent than Winston? That would be too terrifying.

Shuu shook his head vigorously. No, he must have thought too much into it. However, there were still remnants of the pressure from a high-level beastman he had felt earlier in his limbs and bones. He had no choice but to accept it.


It was mentioned earlier that many females were unruly and willful, especially beautiful ones.

Rosa was extremely attractive to males. She had been pampered since young and naturally was very willful. Now that she was pregnant, she became very particular in her taste for food, and her males would be outside all day in search of the food she felt like eating.

As the child’s father, Bart put in the greatest effort to meet Rosa’s requests. He would lead a team to the mountain to hunt every day.

Right now, they were scattered out like a net in search of prey. A leopard on a tree arched his back and stretched out, causing the branch under his paws to rustle, shaking off water droplets.

“Howl!” The black wolf under the tree quickly jumped away and then looked up, his triangular eyes that were inclining upward revealing a hint of surprise. He immediately let out a short howl to call for his tiger tribe companions, then got up, taking on his human form.

“I didn’t expect that you’d still dare come to look for us,” Bart said in surprise, feeling some admiration for Parker now. He was very thankful Parker hadn’t chosen Rosa to be his mate. Otherwise, this guy would become the love rival who posed the greatest threat to him.

Parker jumped off from the tree and roared fiercely at Bart.

Bart immediately kept his relaxed stance, his hands clawing out in a defensive stance as he said in surprise, “You’ve leveled up?”

The tiger beastmen who had just arrived quickly backed off for a distance, no longer as arrogant as before.

Parker bared his fangs and kicked his hind legs onto the ground, appearing impatient.

Bart said, “We didn’t finish the fight previously. Let’s continue today. No one is allowed to help.” After saying that, he arched his back and took on his wolf form.

Parker immediately pounced forth, and Bart also pounced toward him.

Parker’s disposition was no longer on the same level as the previous time, having gained an explosive increment on a qualitative level. The more he ran, the fiercer his disposition became. Bart was shocked. He knew that his strategy of choosing to pounce forth was wrong.

In terms of eruptive prowess, who would be able to win against a leopard beastman? Parker was no longer the two-striped beastman from before, who could be easily bullied. Bart had underestimated his opponent.

However, Bart had great battle experiences, and his strength as a three-striped beastman was very firm as well. At the instant they pounced toward each other, he agilely avoided the center where the leopard beastman was applying pressure on, took a hit, and quickly landed, then ran off.

Parker quickly turned his body and then leaped up from the ground explosively, pouncing toward the black wolf from above.

Bart wasn’t able to react in time and received a claw attack at his waist. His flesh tore open and blood covered his fur. He bit out toward the leopard, but Parker agilely dodged it after hitting his target.

Bart’s injury agitated his fighting will, and he rapidly entered his battle state, advancing and retreating suitably. It wasn’t that easy for Parker to succeed in landing another attack.

After a round of battle, Bart, who was older, clearly had the upper hand. As long as Parker showed any loopholes, Bart would take the opportunity to launch a series of intense attacks.

With his agile movements, Parker managed to avoid any injuries somehow. However, if they were to continue to compete in stamina, he would definitely lose. Since he had already taken advantage of Bart and injured him, Parker decisively turned to run off when he found the chance to do so.