Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 180 - Chapter 180: Encircled (3)

Chapter 180 - Chapter 180: Encircled (3)

Chapter 180: Encircled (3)

Parker ran on his four limbs with all his might. With his rapid speed, even the three-striped Bart couldn’t catch up. But this vigorous exercise made blood flow rapidly through his body, causing his heart to beat forcefully and quickly.

With a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, he was foaming at the mouth and nose a little. The scenery around him was moving backward speedily. Yet, the gate of the City of Beastmen was nowhere to be seen.

His vision became blurry, and his head started to become foggy.

Head feels so heavy. No, this won’t do. I have to stop. If I continue running, I will surely die.

The leopard had slowed down unknowingly, and the black wolf was getting closer and closer. Just as it was about to catch up, it quickened its speed again. With a roar, it leaped over.

In the twinkling of an eye, the leopard—which was being viewed as a prey—jumped into the air and crouched on the tree trunk of a towering tree.

The black wolf found himself pouncing at air, so it twisted its body and started climbing up the tree.

The exhausted leopard gripped the thick and strong tree trunk with the sharp nails on its four limbs and climbed up step by step, slowly yet effectively. Moreover, in this posture, it was easier for the blood in its head to flow down to its body, making him feel soberer.

“Roar!” The black wolf jumped up and didn’t manage to touch the leopard, so it had no choice but to transform into a human once more and climb up the tree.

But this tree was too thick—it took more than ten people to go one round around it. Without sharp and firm nails, it was impossible to climb up with bare hands.

Bart looked up at the greenish-brown tree trunk. The leopard was climbing higher and higher. Several hair-like roots hung from the tree and swayed in the wind.

Bart’s eyes lit up and his lips curled into a cold smile.



The tiger beastmen then rushed over to Bart’s side and transformed into humans.

“What should we do now?” asked one of them.

Bart gazed around, then picked up a thick vine and uprooted it. The tigers instantly understood. They looked up at the leopard slowly climbing up the tree with a pitiful look in their eyes.

Bart tossed out the vine up high and accurately hooked it around the leopard’s neck. With a forceful tug, he yanked the leopard off the tree.

“Roar!” The leopard’s legs ran on air for a while before landing on the ground with a loud thud. It instantly spat out a big mouthful of blood, its four limbs going into spasm.

The tiger males transformed back into their beast form simultaneously and excitedly roared as they surrounded the leopard. “Roar!”

“Hur.” With a smug smile, Bart tossed the vine over a tree branch and, with another forceful tug, hung up the leopard.

Having regained his sobriety, Parker turned his head sideways to get rid of the vine, before collapsing on the ground and spitting out saliva mixed with blood. He struggled to stand up.

The tiger beastmen had the leopard fully surrounded. Although their faces differed slightly, there was an equally excited glow in the eyes of each and every one of them.

Tormented by a splitting headache, Parker shook his head violently in order to make himself soberer.

In the manner of a victor, Bart walked into the circle of tigers and jeered at Parker. “You asked for it. We only came out with the intention of capturing a wild boar for Rosa and hadn’t expected to find you going crazy here. Just as well. We can kill you to please Rosa.”

Parker slowly went around in a circle. This group of tiger beastman thought that he faced certain death, so they didn’t completely block his way. If he was in peak form, he would have no problem charging out.

But there was something very wrong with his body. He had no idea why his head hurt so badly—this had never happened before.

Although Parker discovered the gap, he didn’t stop going around in a circle. He went one more round, then stopped at a spot 90 degrees from the gap, a resolute glow in his eyes.

He had to make it back alive. He hadn’t even mated with Qingqing yet!