Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1640 - An'an Gets Mad

Chapter 1640 - An'an Gets Mad

Chapter 1640: An’an Gets Mad


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An entire day pa.s.sed. After An’an fainted from exhaustion, Bluepool finally ended his wedding night with his mate.

He felt both heartache and frustration. He must have used too much strength and hurt An’an.

Bluepool instantly got up and used some seawater to help An’an cleanse her body. Then, he knelt between her legs and inspected for a long while, before finally edging closer to lick it a few times, leaving behind his saliva so that the wound would heal faster. Only then did he hug An’an again and closed his eyes to rest.

Mating was very physically exhausting for males. Bluepool slept very soundly, and even when An’an woke up, he was still asleep.

An’an felt a heavy sensation on her body and subconsciously reached out to push against it. Suddenly, a new sensation emerged in her heart.

She felt a sense of closeness towards the thing next to her. This was the reaction of forming a spousal relations.h.i.+p.

Usually, when a spousal relations.h.i.+p was formed, only the males felt the effects, so that they could clearly sense their female spouse. Ordinary females wouldn’t feel anything after forming a spousal relations.h.i.+p.

But to An’an who was closed off to the world, she felt a rather obvious connection after forming the spousal relations.h.i.+p. This instantly made her understand that the person pinned upon her was Bluepool, the person who took care of her.

Hence, she stopped pus.h.i.+ng forcefully, and instead, carefully crawled outwards.

But she wasn’t just pinned down by sheer weight. She also seemed to be nailed down by something. The minute she moved, she felt pain at the spot where she was nailed.

An’an started feeling sad. Did he no longer like her? Was that why he was doing this?

Nailed like this, the two of them would probably grow into a connecting tree, wouldn’t they?

Although it was also like this yesterday, Bluepool was at least moving and reacting. She didn’t think along those lines just yet. Right now, Bluepool was so quiet it was as if he didn’t exist. The more An’an thought about it, the more upset she got.

Stirred by her movements, Bluepool finally woke up. Seeing her sobbing, he immediately hugged her.

“What’s the matter, An’an?”

With the connection from their spousal relations.h.i.+p, An’an could sense Bluepool’s concern for her feelings. When one was being concerned for, it was easy for them to feel aggrieved.

Bluepool followed An’an’s gaze and his face turned red.

But seeing as she was about to cry, he definitely wasn’t in the mood to do something else. He immediately came out.

Meanwhile, An’an kept staring at Bluepool.

She widened her eyes. Was that his… flower? Would little fruits grow out from her?

An’an looked at her arms and thought that it might not be such a bad thing if that happened. In the future when she got hungry, she could just eat the fruits that grew on her body.

“Let me take a look.” After pulling himself out, Bluepool wanted to check on her.

However, An’an turned over with her back facing him.

Bluepool circled her a few times before successfully checking out her situation.

Seeing that there wasn’t any bleeding, he felt relieved.

Bluepool first pulled clean clothes over An’an’s body. She would cooperate every time he dressed her, but today, she actually ignored him. Not only was she uncooperative, it indistinctly felt like she was going against him.

“Are you mad?” Bluepool was pleasantly surprised, yet nervous. “I shouldn’t have used too much strength yesterday. I injured you. I’ll be careful next time.”

This was the most obvious response An’an had given him in all their years of interaction. How could Bluepool not be pleasantly surprised?

He circled An’an and coaxed her for a long while, begging for forgiveness, as though he firmly believed that An’an could understand what he was saying.. In the end, An’an really was successfully coaxed and went back to her usual docile self.