Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1620 - Grand Opening

Chapter 1620 - Grand Opening

Chapter 1620: Grand Opening

Now that Shen Yin’s body had recuperated, the florist shop’s renovation was also completed. The shop was decorated with plants, and the supply of goods had also been arranged.

The couple moved to the florist shop, and it officially opened for business on the day the baby eagle broke out of the sh.e.l.l.

Greenery was abundant in the shop. Looking from afar, one felt refreshed and invigorated. Large stretches of plants hung on the walls, making one feel as though they had entered a natural forest.

As the live bonsais sold were of excellent quality and reasonable prices, this florist shop which was located outside the entrance of the school needn’t fear a lack of business.

With the bald baby eagle in her arms, Shen Yin gazed at the school entrance opposite and said, “Your older brother said that Grade 12 is on holiday today. You should go in with our child. Don’t let them see you.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? I can’t wait for the entire world to know about our relations.h.i.+p.”

Mu Ya held Shen Yin’s hand, and his brows drooped as he spoke. “Too bad we’re not yet at legal age and can’t register our marriage. But after I graduate from Grade 12, we can hold our wedding first. When the time comes, just let this little fellow do all the hard manual labor for you. Who asked him to cause you so much pain?”

As he spoke, Mu Ya feigned anger and flicked the baby eagle’s tender and light yellow beak.


The little fellow instantly let out a weak cry, probably out of pain.

Shen Yin s.h.i.+elded the baby eagle’s head and cast a reprimanding glance at Mu Ya. Then, she leaned into his arms and thought to herself:

So long as you acknowledge me, I’m fine even without any ceremony.

Even though he had just broken out of the sh.e.l.l for half a day, the baby eagle was already quite vigorous, and his screeches were increasingly forceful.

Shen Yin said, “He’s probably hungry.”

“I’ll go kill a hamster.” Mu Ya instantly walked away.

After a mere three minutes, he came back with a plate of piping hot shredded meat.

Though not quite used to it, Shen Yin didn’t show it on her face. She picked up the shredded meat with a pair of chopsticks and carefully fed it to the baby eagle.

At the start, it didn’t occur to the baby eagle to eat it, and he merely grazed his beak against the shredded meat. Later on, he finally opened his mouth to tentatively hold it in his mouth.

Then, his mouth seemingly became a bottomless pit, unceasingly opening wide to ask for food. That hamster, which was about the size of his head, was completely finished by him. Only when his tiny tummy was full did he close his beak in satisfaction.

Shen Yin wiped his beak with a wet towel. This led the little fellow to think that it was time for feeding again, and he reflexively opened his mouth so wide that the back of his head couldn’t be seen.

At the thought of Mu Ya looking like this when he was a baby, Shen Yin suddenly burst out laughing.

Mu Ya had no idea why she was laughing, but he acutely sensed that she was laughing at him, so he glared at the baby eagle.

It must have something to do with him.

When school ended, students swarmed out and headed straight for the convenience store. In the end, they found out that the shop had now turned into a florist shop.

Many people left in disappointment, but many girls stayed. There was a sufficient number of these girls to fill up the shop.

Someone picked a cactus bonsai and, after looking everywhere in the shop, finally looked towards Shen Yin with uncertainty. “Are you the boss?”

With the baby eagle in her arms, Shen Yin gently nodded.

Seeing that she seemed to be a high school student just like her, the girl buying the bonsai was una.s.sured and asked, “How much is this?”

Shen Yin pointed at the spot where the bonsai was placed and said, “The price is labeled there.”

“Can’t it be cheaper? I’ll buy it if it’s cheaper.” Used to bargaining, the girl said as she held the bonsai.

Shen Yin merely shook her head and didn’t say anything to promote the sales.

Actually, the prices weren’t expensive, but customers wouldn’t feel like buying when they saw such an att.i.tude. The girl was about to set down the bonsai when Mu Ya quickly squeezed over and said upon seeing this, “The prices are clearly marked in our shop, and bargaining is not allowed. It’s not expensive, either. If you like it, just buy one pot.”