Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1613 - Going Home to Eat (2)

Chapter 1613 - Going Home to Eat (2)

Chapter 1613: Going Home to Eat (2)

Finally, amid the leopard howls, Curtis and Muir finally arrived.

Bai Qingqing walked to the courtyard door to welcome them, her left hand holding little Zhenbei, who was wearing a bubble dress. When Mu Ya got out of the car, she walked over to him with a smile. “You’re back.”

“Mom.” Mu Ya called out happily, before bringing Shen Yin out of the car. “This is Shen Yin.”

Shen Yin cast a swift glance at Bai Qingqing before quickly lowering her head, astonished at how young Mu Ya’s mother was.

But G.o.dfather had said that they were Mu Ya’s adoptive parents, so she guessed that Mu Ya’s mother was probably rather young.

“Little Yin, come in.” Bai Qingqing merely felt that Shen Yin was a little introverted. She quite liked her appearance, though. After saying that, she tugged at Bai Zhenbei’s hand and said, “Greet your ‘Third Sister-in-law’.”

“Third Sister-in-law.” Bai Zhenbei, with her exquisite and aloof face, called out in a clear voice.

Their family’s enthusiasm made Shen Yin all the more uneasy, and she shyly nodded in response.

Mu Ya said to her, “She’s my younger sister, Huahua. She’s very nice. Only, she’s not fond of talking just like you.”

There was a huge difference between Bai Zhenbei and Shen Yin, though. Bai Zhenbei merely had a cold temperament, but her communication skills were way better than kids her age. Mu Ya had only said that to enhance the relations.h.i.+p between Shen Yin and his family.

Indeed, when Shen Yin glanced at Bai Zhenbei again, she felt a sense of closeness to her. “h.e.l.lo, Huahua.”

Bai Zhenbei instantly tensed her pet.i.te face and said sternly to Brother Mu Ya, “My name is Bai Zhenbei. Third Sister-in-law, you can call me Zhenbei, Little Bei, Beibei, or Baobei. Huahua is my younger sister’s name.”

Shen Yin gazed around. Was there another younger sister in their family?

Bai Zhenbei reached into her bubble sleeve and drew out a little snake the thickness of a finger. She introduced with a smile, “This is my younger sister.”

Shen Yin turned pale from fright and immediately looked away.

Mu Ya glared at Bai Zhenbei and then pulled Shen Yin into the house.

Bai Zhenbei pouted and patted Blossom’s head as she said, “Don’t be sad, Blossom. You’re the cutest.”


Shen Yin had just calmed down from the shock when four leopards with heights reaching her waist came sprinting towards her from ahead, each one of them surrounding and sniffing her.

On the way here, Shen Yin had rehea.r.s.ed countless times in her heart how she was going to elegantly and graciously present herself at Mu Ya’s home. But all these rehearsals fell apart right this instant as Shen Yin let out a shriek and pressed herself against Mu Ya’s arm.

It was only because she remembered that she had to maintain her poise that her shriek was controlled to be within a range that wasn’t considered ear-piercing.

“They’re like me.” Mu Ya held her shoulder and said.

Shen Yin froze, her fear dissipating immediately. She lowered her head and looked into the eyes of the leopards ahead, no longer fearful. Only then did she realize that the leopards’ eyes were gorgeous—they were golden and dazzling, much more good-looking than that of humans.

Mu Ya’s eyes were like that as well, so black that they sparkled.

Girls tended to have a thing for furry things, and Shen Yin was no exception. Leopards were like enormous cats, and since they weren’t going to bite, she couldn’t help but reach out to stroke their heads.

Mu Ya’s expression instantly darkened, and he shoved the leopard in front away with one hand. “Don’t get in our way.”


The leopard was sent flying by a slap.

Only then did it dawn on her that the leopard was probably also a male. This realization made her feel incredibly awkward, and she gripped Mu Ya’s hand tightly. Hearing the scream from the leopard, she cast an apologetic glance at him.

Bai Qingqing rolled her eyes at Mu Ya, at how easily jealous he was. Seeing that Shen Yin’s face had turned red, she explained, “The little leopards are only 13.”

Hearing this, Shen Yin heaved a big sigh of relief, then felt secretly gleeful.

She liked Mu Ya’s possessiveness towards her. It gave her a sense of security.