Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1607 - Saving Money

Chapter 1607 - Saving Money

Chapter 1607: Saving Money

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Just like that, Shen Yin started working too.

As the bar provided accommodations, Shen Yin checked out of the hotel and headed straight for the dorm with her little bit of luggage.

Work was quite smooth and wasn’t tiring at all, just a little noisy.

After ending one day of work, it was going to be morning soon. Shen Yin followed her other colleagues back to the dorm.

There were many people in the dorm, and the girls were very noisy. Shen Yin didn’t like that on the way back. After arriving at the dorm and finding out that the sleeping arrangements were a bunk bed setup, she didn’t know where to go.

“There’s an empty bed over there. You can sleep after tidying it up a little..” A girl reminded her out of goodwill, then took off her clothes openly, heading to the bathroom naked.

The other girls were very easygoing as well. There was almost no privacy in changing clothes and removing makeup.

Shen Yin put her hand to her chest, left the room decisively, then went off by herself.

She was too quiet. Someone saw her leaving but didn’t try to get her to stay. She only mumbled something to her colleagues.

It wasn’t daytime yet and the breakfast shops weren’t open. It was even more impossible to find accommodation.

The wind in November was very cold, especially at the darkest time before daybreak. Even one’s breath would be like white smoke.

Shen Yin carried her luggage on her back, wrapping her arms around her body, and s.h.i.+vered as she headed to school.

Mu Ya should have woken up by now. Being day students, they’d have to wake up earlier than other students.

Thinking of Mu Ya made all her discomfort seem fainter. She found a corner where she could hide and then squatted there while peeking out.

After about half an hour or so, three burly figures of almost the same height appeared on the foggy streets. Shen Yin couldn’t see their faces clearly, but she could recognize Mu Ya on the extreme left at first glance.

Mu Ya seemed to feel something and looked in the direction of a shop in front of the school.

“Let’s go, the bell is going to ring soon.” Mu Tian pushed him, then looked over too. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing.” Mu Ya didn’t see anything and followed his brothers into the school.

Shen Yin heaved a sigh of relief and stood there for a while. Only after ascertaining that they had entered the school did she head to the abandoned building in a hurry, resting there temporarily.

However, she didn’t expect to end up staying there for half a month.


She told Mu Ya that she was working part-time at a bar, saying that they provided accommodations. After seeing that his objections were futile, he could only agree to it temporarily, feeling helpless about it.

Shen Yin now had a job and refused to accept Mu Ya’s money anymore. However, he continued to work every day at the bar. He was planning to save up the money for future use, and also went to check out Shen Yin’s work situation.

Shen Yin’s plan to rent a house wasn’t successful. She didn’t have an ident.i.ty card and wasn’t good at communicating. Therefore, no one was willing to rent their house to her. However, she couldn’t bear to stay at a hotel either, so she ended up staying in the abandoned building for a very long time.


However, she took good care of her cleanliness now. Every day before work ended, she’d take a bath at the washroom in the bar before she left. She tidied up the abandoned building, too.

Most people probably wouldn’t be able to accept such an environment, but she was very satisfied with it. At the very least, it was a hundred times better than the “home” she had lived in back then.

She’d occasionally meet up with Mu Ya outside. With this, she felt very satisfied.

The young leopards were playing at home, and the plants and animals in the courtyard were their toys. Today, they were lucky and a few snakes crawled in through the door.

The young leopards’ eyes instantly gleamed. They howled and then pounced over.


The few snakes were so shocked that they arched their bodies, spewing out venom.

The young leopards dodged agilely and then surrounded the snakes, waiting for a chance to make a move.

One of them had just found an opportunity and was going to deal a lethal blow when an imposing voice rang out.