Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1605 - Don't Bully the Weak

Chapter 1605 - Don't Bully the Weak

Chapter 1605: Don’t Bully the Weak

“Customer, I’m sorry. I refuse to get hit in the face,” Mu Ya said coldly, tossing the other party’s hand away. “Feel free to hit anywhere else.”

The suited man hesitated for a moment before saying, “That works.”

After saying that, he picked up a chair from the side and smashed it fiercely onto the young man’s body.

“Clank!” This time around, the young man didn’t move, allowing the chair to smash against his body.

The suited man hit out while scolding, “I’ve been working carefully and conscientiously for 20 years, but you f*cking just fired me like that. Isn’t it because you don’t wish to give me retirement fees? You f*cking tyrant, you’ll die a horrible death…”

After the man left, the room was already in a horrible state. Plates and dishes were shattered all over the floor, and even the chairs were smashed.

Mu Ya continued to stand steadily in the center of the room, his messy clothes seeped with blood. Other than that, he didn’t have any other abnormalities and even his hair didn’t seem to be very messy.

He tidied his clothes and walked out too, looking for the manager to settle his pay.

The manager generously took out 700 yuan and handed it to Mu Ya, saying, “We’ll split it 3-7. This is what you deserve.”

“Thank you, I’ll come again tomorrow.” Mu Ya took the money, causing his bloodstained hand to also stain the money with blood.

“I went to check out the room earlier. You’re really something. Even that customer was all tired out. If you’re really lacking in money, you might as well go do underground wrestling. You’ll earn money fast there,” the manager said.

Mu Ya said without giving it a second thought, “I won’t.”

“Why?” the manager asked strangely.

Mu Ya couldn’t help but take a look at the manager’s figure as a human, saying, “I don’t bully the weak.”

Everyone said that Mu Ya resembled his father the most. This was the truth.

The manager was speechless.

After saying that, Mu Ya turned to leave.

The manager was speechless for quite a while before clapping and saying with a sigh, “Arrogant. Seems like this lad is stronger than I imagined!”

The next day, Mu Tian returned his brothers their money and then handed Shen Yin the rest. He then wanted to leave again.

Shen Yin suddenly hugged him, the force in her arms clearly indicating her unwillingness to part with him.

Mu Ya held her hands wrapped around his waist, smiling as he said, “Don’t be like that. I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

Shen Yin didn’t say anything and rubbed her face against his back, then slowly let go.

After Mu Ya left, she continued to hold onto the money he left for her, staring at it blankly.

The money still had Mu Ya’s warmth on it. She looked at them piece by piece and saw a blood fingerprint on one of the notes.

The color was bright red. Being someone who often bled, she knew that it hadn’t been long since the blood had gotten onto it.

Was this… Mu Ya’s blood?

On the third day, Mu Ya gave her even more money. This time around, Shen Yin hugged him tightly, not willing to let go.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Ya turned over and faced her.

Shen Yin straightened her body and planted a kiss on his lips. “Can you stay for a little longer today?”

Before Mu Ya could reply, she kissed him again.

A red flush quickly climbed up onto Mu Ya’s face. Having had a taste of the deed, how could he possibly hold back? His breathing instantly became heavy.

He held onto Shen Yin’s head and deepened the kiss, pressing her down onto the bed.

After they got naked, Shen Yin noticed a bruise on Mu Ya’s chest. Her slender finger touched it. She remembered that this bruise hadn’t been there previously.

Beastmen had strong recovery capabilities, and most of the wounds created from the day before had already disappeared. Only faint marks from the slightly more serious ones could be seen.

“Did your father beat you up?” Shen Yin asked softly. Was it because of her? Did he steal the money stolen from his home? Was that why he was beaten up?

Mu Ya grabbed her hand and pressed it down on the bed. “Don’t let your imagination go wild. I got into a fight with someone.”

Shen Yin didn’t believe him. Given how amazing Mu Ya was, she felt that no one would be able to injure him.