Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1603 - Bai Family's Law

Chapter 1603 - Bai Family's Law

Chapter 1603: Bai Family’s Law

Shen Yin was able to eat a lot, as usual, finis.h.i.+ng up the big soup bowl worth of rice. However, she didn’t touch the dishes much.

Because she was very frugal regarding food and could take three to four bites to eat up a strand of meat that was as thick as a matchstick. After a big bowl of rice, the number of dishes she ate could be easily counted.

Mu Ya felt that he’d have to pick out big pieces of meat for her. Otherwise, she’d just be eating vegetarian food.

After she was done eating, both of them went to take a shower. Then, Mu Ya had to go to school.

“Can you stay in the room?” Mu Ya asked.

Shen Yin shook her head. “Together.”

This time around, Mu Ya didn’t need to ask to know that Shen Yin was reluctant to go to school. “Where do you want to go?”

“You go to school, I’ll stay outside,” Shen Yin replied simply.

Mu Ya thought of an abandoned building outside the school where she could hide. He then put his phone into her pocket.

“If there are any problems, you can call my brothers’ phone. I’ll be with them,” Mu Ya said.


Done discussing, the two of them then headed out.

Mu Ya a.s.sured her that there wasn’t anyone outside before Shen Yin was willing to leave through the door. As expected, they didn’t meet anyone, if the few leopards laying on the ground weren’t taken into consideration.

Mu Ya sent her to the abandoned building and warned her repeatedly before he went to school, feeling uneasy.

Shen Yin watched as he disappeared into the distance before shrinking into the deepest part of the abandoned building, holding onto his phone and looking at it.

They said that one can test if a person loves you by checking their phone.

Did it prove that Mu Ya loved her a lot to hand her his phone?

Shen Yin hugged her legs and sat on the floor, smiling faintly.

The moment Mu Ya entered the school, he looked for the form teacher to explain the situation to her.

Of course, he omitted the part where he spent together with Shen Yin in the reed forest.

The form teacher also gave him the worst news possible—Shen Yin’s father had already come to school to do the procedure for her to drop out. Now, they could no longer salvage the situation.

Mu Ya was very disappointed. Thankfully, Shen Yin hadn’t come along. Otherwise, she’d be sad.

The moment Mu Ya entered the cla.s.sroom, Mu Tian immediately asked him about the situation.

“How’s Shen Yin? Is she alright?” Mu Tian asked.

Mu Ya nodded. “She’s alright. Do you guys have money? Lend me some?”

“What do you need money for?” Mu Tian asked as he dug out over 100 yuan from his pocket and handed it over.

Mu Hai also gave him all the money he had.

The three brothers had several hundred yuan of allowance, but Mu Ya had spent his long ago buying clothes for Shen Yin.

Mu Ya said, “Shen Yin is with me. I’m going to buy food for her.”

Mu Tian’s mouth was agape. Everyone knew that Shen Yin’s family situation wasn’t good, so it made sense for Mu Ya to help her. But… he had the feeling that something weird was going on.

“You can get dad and the others to help her. How would our money be enough to support a person?” Mu Tian asked.

“They won’t help.” Mu Ya’s tone was almost too agitated. He then rubbed his temple, not wanting to speak too much.

If Shen Yin had no relation with him, they might be willing to help her without asking for any repayment. But now, Curtis’s att.i.tude towards Shen Yin was already very dangerous. He didn’t dare to let this risk be stacked up to four times greater.

However, Curtis would likely tell the others. When that happened, if his dad wished to help him, he would tell him.

Mu Hai stared at him for a moment before asking in a deep voice, “Why are you suddenly behaving like that? You’re being wary of them? He’s our father!”

Mu Ya smiled, throwing a meaningful glance at the ordinary humans in the cla.s.s. “So what if he’s our father? We’re different from them!

“You guys will understand in the future.” There was a hidden meaning in his words. “We can only rely on ourselves!”

This was only the beginning. In the future, their family would definitely have a perfected set of rules or laws. By then, his brothers’ path might feel even more as if they were treading on thin ice than he was now.