Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1595 - Despairing Flames

Chapter 1595 - Despairing Flames

Chapter 1595: Despairing Flames

Shen Yin instantly dashed towards the door. Just as she opened the door, she was grabbed by the hair and forcibly pulled back in.

“You dare to run? Your wings have hardened, huh? Huh?” The middle-aged man dragged Shen Yin back in. When he saw her face clearly, his expression suddenly froze.

After the excessive fringe had been trimmed off, the young lady’s face appeared delicate and pretty. The man also knew that she would look even more stunning with her forehead revealed. That was a perfect oval-shaped face. Coupled with her delicate facial features, she wouldn’t lose out to any female celebrities.

He couldn’t help but gasp softly. “Xiufang…”

Shen Yin instantly lowered her head and let her hair cover her face. In a trembling voice, she said, “Daddy, I’m not Mommy.”

Actually, she shouldn’t have cut her hair. But she couldn’t bear to reject the youth’s gentleness. No one had ever treated her that well before. Now that she had suddenly met such a person, she was like a drug addict and was unable to extricate herself.

Even if she was now discovered, she didn’t regret it.

The man instantly sobered up. Following that, he burst with fury and raised his hand to slap her across the face. That crisp sound reverberated in the cramped house, sounding abnormally ear-piercing.

Shen Yin shrieked, and her head slammed against the wall from the impact. She was in so much pain that she squatted down, her head feeling bouts of dizziness.

However, her father’s curses squirmed into her ears like maggots attached to bones.

“You’re really becoming more and more like your mother. That same s.l.u.tty face that only knows how to seduce men. I’ll beat you to death today, lest you go and bring disaster to other people!”

As Father Shen spoke, he had already whipped out his belt and fiercely lashed it at the young lady curled up in the corner.


Shen Yin dodged as she cried out loud. At the thought of Mu Ya, she was rather sensitive to the words “seduce men”. She shouted in a tearful voice, “Mommy must have left because you treated her badly. The fact that you’re venting your anger on your daughter shortly after Mommy has left shows that you’re not a dependable man and is unworthy of Mommy! If I were Mommy, I’d long have left too. Ah!”

A kick landed on her head. Her headache which had just eased instantly turned into a heavy sensation, rendering her unable to move.

Father Shen was so furious that he panted heavily. Even as he whipped her with all his might, it did nothing to appease his anger. Instead, it made him exhausted and covered in perspiration.

“You ungrateful brat. Truly ungrateful, just like your mother. I slogged hard to raise you since you were a baby and paid for your education until senior high. And this is how you repay me? Alright then, you’re not to study from now onwards! Work at home and earn money for my drinks!”

As Father Shen spoke, he walked into her room, took out her schoolbag, and poured out all the contents onto the floor.

Shen Yin blinked. When her vision recovered, what greeted her eyes was a ball of blazing flames.

Now that autumn had arrived, the temperature had already turned chilly. Lying on the icy floor, one’s body felt all the colder. That ball of yellow flames might look very warm, but in Shen Yin’s eyes, they were like flames from h.e.l.l.

They had agreed to see each other the day after next. If she didn’t go, would Mu Ya get mad? Would he feel that she wasn’t a person who kept her promises?

Perhaps the short span of one month wasn’t enough to make a meek girl erupt, but her education bore the weight of her hope for the future. For this hope, she could put up with any torture.

She had it all planned out already. She would apply for the cheapest university and work during the summer break to earn her registration fees. In the future, she could gradually be free of her father.

But even this hope had gone up in smoke alongside the flames.

At the thought of having to face such a life with no end in sight, at the thought that she would no longer be able to see that outstanding and caring youth who helped her trim her hair and gave her a present, her heart felt like dead ashes.