Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1586 - Familiar Gaze

Chapter 1586 - Familiar Gaze

Chapter 1586: Familiar Gaze

“We’re in the midst of pressing charges against the culprit, the man who was attacked by the tiger streak. I believe that the law will bring justice to my daughter. I also hope that you guys can give Little Ze a friendly att.i.tude.”

Toward the end, tears started to gather in her eyes as they flickered.

It wasn’t to show her grat.i.tude toward the tiger, but that her heart ached for Wen Ze’s ident.i.ty.

She patted Little Ze’s head and thought to herself,

It’ll be fine after a few years. By then, you’ll be able to live freely with your eagle brothers.

After Bai Qingqing said that, she wiped her eyes, not letting her tears flow down. She then smiled as she walked toward the camera and switched it off.

“Howl~” Wen Ze immediately went after his mommy, nudging against her waist.

“Good boy.” Bai Qingqing patted his head and smiled faintly.

Their family wouldn’t get affected, to begin with. Bai Qingqing’s grief came and went quickly. She took the camera to the attic, edited the video briefly, then uploaded it onto Qingqing Zoo’s official Weibo account.

As a result, it was another popular day on Weibo.

Everyone’s impression of the white tiger’s ferocity when harming people was deeply engraved. When they saw this tiger standing in annoyance in the beautifully renovated living room, with the mistress keeping on requesting him to do different things, they couldn’t help but feel worried for her. They were scared that the tiger would pounce on her.

In the previous videos, Bai Qingqing had intentionally kept her distance from the tigers. Her fearful reaction could be seen. This time around, she acted so intimately with the tiger as if he was her pet. Even though the white tiger clearly wasn’t cooperating, she still rubbed his head.

Seeing this scene, most people’s thought was: F*ck! She’s courting death!

However, the scene quickly changed, catching everyone off guard.

The beautiful mistress’s expression instantly turned darker than the tiger’s. She then rolled her eyes and glared at the white tiger.

What was this situation? Was she going to ill-treat the animal?

He’s such a big tiger. Beautiful lady, are you sure that you’re able to ill-treat this ma.s.sive creature with nothing in your hands?

Then, something even more surprising happened. The white tiger seemed to have understood her expression and his eyes opened wide. He then rolled over and lay on the ground with his limbs in the air.

As if he was dead.

Only then did the mistress’s expression become better. Satisfied with the tiger’s reaction, she went over to give him a rub.

“Howl howl~” The tiger let out comfortable moans.

Everyone cursed in their hearts. Was this really not a large-sized canine?

In the end, they finally reached the important part which Bai Qingqing wanted to show everyone. However, everyone’s attention was already attracted by the earlier scenes and they kept on replaying that part.

This was even more so for the scene in which Bai Qingqing rolled her eyes. When they saw it for the first time, it seemed that she had a bad temper and was courting death.

Now, the more they looked at it, the more interesting they found it to be.

Because the meticulous netizens noticed that this gaze was strangely familiar.

Finally, someone recognized it. What the? Wasn’t this the gaze the white tiger had shown when he had rolled his eyes in the zoo?

So handsome that I can’t keep my legs closed: “A beautiful woman and a tiger. Why do I feel that the two of them have a strange resemblance to each other? Can anyone tell me that I’m the only one who thinks this?”

Unknown distances replied @So handsome I can’t keep my legs closed: “You aren’t alone. I think so, too. Hahahaha… I’m going to look for the old video. Let’s group up.”

Mango yogurt drink replied @So handsome that I can’t keep my legs closed: “+1. Let’s group up.”

Every now and then, someone would return with the old clip and put the two short clips together for comparison. The resemblance was really uncanny.

Mango yogurt drink: “I’ve finally witnessed what it’s like when they say that the pet looks like the owner. That gaze and that eye shape… My G.o.d! This world is too mysterious!”