Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1584 - Young Eagle Cuts Hair

Chapter 1584 - Young Eagle Cuts Hair

Chapter 1584: Young Eagle Cuts Hair

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“I’ll leave right away.” Shen Yin was extremely scared and anxiously stuffed the stainless bowl back into Mu Ya’s hands. She then ran over to the window and looked down.

Mu Ya threw his older brothers a complaining look. Mu Tian looked innocent, but the reliable Mu Hai could tell what Mu Ya was thinking. He tugged at Mu Tian and said, “Let’s go to the attic to read books.”

Mu Tian also felt unsettled and immediately agreed to it. The two brothers left together.

Mu Ya heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Hurry up and eat.”

Shen Yin shook her head. “What time is it now?”


“12:30,” replied Mu Ya after taking a look at his phone.

Shen Yin immediately raised her head and said anxiously, “Oh no, it’s lunch break now.”

“After lunch break is over, we’ll go back to school together. I’ll help you tell the teacher that those people got your clothes wet. She probably won’t hold it against you,” Mu Ya said.

Shen Yin thought to herself that it’d be too late even if she were to head back now. However, she didn’t dare to return to the cla.s.sroom during lunch break. Therefore, she had no choice but to agree to Mu Ya’s suggestion.

Seeing that her hair was still wet, Mu Ya hesitated for a moment before his heart suddenly started to beat quickly. “I can help you dry your hair.”

“No… no need.” Shen Yin lowered her head, then tied her half-dried hair with an old rubber band.

Her wet fringe was one centimeter longer than when they were dry, covering her eyes completely and seriously blocking her vision. She could only lower her head and look at the things that were lower than her face.

A big bowl of food entered her vision, and Mu Ya’s cold voice darted into her ears.

“Go on, eat. If there isn’t enough, I’ll go get more.”

Shen Yin took a piece of bread reservedly, then said softly, “It’s… it’s enough.”

She was cowardly both in speaking and in doing things. However, she looked very fierce when eating. She took a bite of bread, filling up her cheeks. Her mouth was so full that she couldn’t chew and could only let out a moan.

Mu Ya looked at her half-puffed face, then suddenly smiled. He thought of the hamster they bought to feed the pet snake.

However, her long fringe was in the way. Mu Ya suddenly reached out to lift it. “I think that it can be combed.”

However, Shen Yin dodged in reflex, puffing her cheeks as she stared at him.

Mu Ya’s eyes opened wide and his expression sank. He reached to lift her fringe again. This time around, Shen Yin wasn’t able to dodge. Mu Ya had grabbed onto her hands, and she was unable to move. She could only watch as he lifted her fringe.

There was a very big bruise on Shen Yin’s forehead, as well as a scar on the corner of her forehead.

“They were the ones who caused the injuries on your forehead?” Mu Ya’s voice turned cold, looking angry.

Shen Yin turned her head away, causing the hair to cover her face again; with her face covered up, she felt a sense of security.

“No,” Shen Yin replied softly.

That was true. That scar wasn’t something that could have formed today. Mu Ya suppressed his fury and asked, “Then, how did you get it?”

“I accidentally b.u.mped into something.” Shen Yin tried to draw her hands back, and only then did Mu Ya let go of her.

Shen Yin continued eating. She had a great appet.i.te and wasn’t picky with food. She finished almost the entire basin by herself.

When she stopped, Mu Ya brought a pair of scissors over. “I’ll help you to cut your hair shorter. It’s covering your eyes.”

This time around, Shen Yin didn’t refuse. She stood there quietly, letting Mu Ya cut her hair while sipping on the bottle of yogurt.

Mu Ya couldn’t help but look at her flat stomach. He didn’t expect that she could eat so much. He had to use his allowance more sparingly.

After was.h.i.+ng up and having her fringe trimmed, Shen Yin looked a lot more refres.h.i.+ng. However, she couldn’t hide her fleeting gaze anymore, and people would easily be able to tell when she panicked.

It was about time.

Mu Ya sent Shen Yin out through the windows before he met up with his brothers. Then, the four of them went back to school together.