Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1580 - Young Eagle Enters Female Toilet

Chapter 1580 - Young Eagle Enters Female Toilet

Chapter 1580: Young Eagle Enters Female Toilet

Feeling guilty, Mu Ya wanted to apologize to Shen Yin. Hence, after the fourth period ended, once Shen Yin left, Mu Ya also immediately set down his things and prepared to catch up to her.

“Where are you going? We’re going back to eat.” Mu Hai swiftly grabbed his arm.

As their home was nearby, and being the kids of a parent with high social status, they did enjoy some privilege. Every day, they were allowed to go home for their two meals.

For others, this might be considered pampering. But to the young eagles, this was a necessity of life. The canteens wouldn’t be able to feed them properly.

Although they had already eaten a big feast today, Bai Qingqing was afraid they wouldn’t be used to it, so she had asked them to go back once.

Mu Ya glanced at Shen Yin, who was walking out of the cla.s.sroom, and said urgently, “You guys go back first. I need to go over and say something to her.”

“If you don’t go back Mommy is going to get worried,” Mu Hai said worriedly.

Mu Tian, on the other hand, didn’t mind it. “Quickly go. Perhaps that will be our younger sister-in-law someday.”

Mu Ya clenched his fist and waved it at his head. The latter blocked it with a grin and shoved him. “Quickly go.”

Mu Hai didn’t say anything else, and Mu Ya hurriedly left.

Students tended to move at a fast pace. It had only been a minute, and Shen Yin was already nowhere to be seen.

Mu Ya squeezed his way to the cla.s.sroom building at the quickest speed possible but didn’t manage to catch up to her.

Taking a broad view of the field, streams of people were busily coming and going. With his height and eyesight, he could distinguish every single person, but Shen Yin wasn’t among them.

She couldn’t possibly have been fast enough to have run out of the field. Mu Ya was certain she was still in the cla.s.sroom building. Perhaps she had gone to the washroom just now, that was why he had missed her.

Hence, Mu Ya searched as he stood amidst the stream of people.

Mu Hai and Mu Tian had also come down. Mu Tian asked in pa.s.sing, “Still haven’t found her?”

“Mm,” Mu Ya responded.

“We’re going off first.” Mu Tian waved at Mu Ya with his back facing him.

Mu Ya stood under the cla.s.sroom building and waited. Only when not many people came out did he suspiciously go upstairs.

Wasn’t it too long? Was Shen Yin constipated?

Mu Ya shook his head to shake off those ugly thoughts and then speedily climbed the stairs, going up three steps at a time.

After turning a corner, he b.u.mped into three giggling girls, the one in the center being w.a.n.g Muxi. At the sight of Mu Ya, all three were shocked.

“Mu Ya? Why are you here?” w.a.n.g Muxi asked suspiciously.

Mu Ya ignored them and briskly walked around them. As he pa.s.sed them by, he suddenly asked, “Have you seen Shen Yin?”

“Hmph!” w.a.n.g Muxi instantly snorted, thinking that he was indeed here to look for her.

“Nope,” she replied patronizingly before pulling her besties and quickly heading down the stairs.

Mu Ya stood in the corridor and gazed after them for a while, then wrinkled his nose. Too bad he didn’t have the keen sense of smell of the leopards and the tigers and couldn’t detect any smell.

Mu Ya climbed to the fourth story and hesitated for a moment as he stood between the toilet and the cla.s.sroom. Too embarra.s.sed to go into the female toilet to ask, he was about to check out the cla.s.sroom when he suddenly heard indistinct sobs.

Shen Yin!

He immediately turned around and walked to the female toilet. Seemingly because that person had heard his footsteps, the echoing sobs in the toilet abruptly stopped.

The stench in the toilet was pungent and disgusting. Perhaps all public toilets were like this, and the stench in schools was particularly heavy.

Mu Ya held his breath as he surveyed the toilet.

The cubicle doors were naturally closed. However, the circular door handle of one of them had a mop stuck over it. Filthy water kept dripping from the mop, wetting the bathroom floor tiles.