Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 157 - The Leopard and Wolf Battle Again (2)

Chapter 157 - The Leopard and Wolf Battle Again (2)

Chapter 157: The Leopard and Wolf Battle Again (2)

The gra.s.s was a little messy now, so Hugh carefully rearranged it to make it look pretty.

Parker immediately took off his basket and hugged it before his chest. With a ferocious expression, he barked at Hugh. “Darned wolf. I’ll bite you to death!”

Hugh had defeated Parker once, so he wasn’t at all fearful. However, he felt angry that someone weaker than him was picking a fight with him. He revealed his teeth at Parker, his wolf teeth slightly sharp now, as he began to transform into his beast form.

“What about a wager?” Hugh’s triangle-shaped black wolf ears stood upon his head. “If I defeat you, help me hand this bunch of gra.s.s to Qingqing.”

Parker said, “If I win, you mustn’t pursue Qingqing again.”

Hugh sputtered in laughter, clearly belittling Parker. With a bang sound, his skirt ripped as he transformed into a wolf. He raised his head and let out a howl. “Howl—”

After he was done howling, he lowered his head and saw Parker carefully putting his basket down. Hugh dug his limbs into the ground and was about to dash up to Parker when he saw the latter tying the vines binding the short-winged birds to his basket.

“Ooh!” Hugh patiently waited for Parker to finish his business, his body crouched on the ground, preparing for battle. Surely they could finally start now?

However, Parker merely glanced at Hugh before lowering his head and taking off his skirt.

He couldn’t afford to rip another skirt. Qingqing had told him off the last time. Moreover, if he ripped it this time around, it was inconvenient for him to carry the things home too.

“Howl!” Hugh howled as he pounced over, unable to tolerate Parker’s dawdling behavior.

Detestable leopard. Putting on an act just because you have a mate. Do you need to be so obvious?

Alright, he admitted he was jealous. To think carefully before doing something was only a trait inherent of males with females.

That moment the wolf came pouncing over, Parker tossed his skirt aside and instantly transformed into a leopard.

The wolf beastman came pouncing over, and the leopard leaped up into the air on the spot. With amazing explosive power, he landed from the air onto the wolf’s back.

“Howl—” Hugh was taken aback. Although it was reckless of him to directly pounce over, he figured that if he made the first move, his opponent would surely be weakened. But he hadn’t expected that Parker would have such impressive explosive power, to be able to turn things around so quickly. This strength was something that a wolf beastman wouldn’t be able to achieve.

With his four claws tightly gripping the tough and coa.r.s.e fur of the wolf’s back, Parker opened his mouth to bite the wolf’s neck. Hugh was quick to respond and instantly shook his body, tossing Parker off from him.

“Roar—” Parker rolled away as his body fell to the ground and very quickly steadied himself. Showing his teeth, he and the black wolf looked at each other.

Having learned his lesson, Hugh was now highly alert. The two beasts battled for a long time, with mostly Parker taking the punches. Finally, Parker’s stamina was depleted, and he remained slumped on the ground and unable to get up.

The victorious Hugh was also huffing and puffing. He stuck out his neck and raised his head as he let out a long victorious howl. “Howl—”

No doubt, the wolf’s howl sounded like he was mocking him. Propping his body upon his four limbs, he refused to be defeated in terms of aura and also let out a vigorous howl. “Howl!”

The howl of a leopard was much shorter than that of a wolf, and it was also very ferocious. It was just like the difference between them in terms of endurance and explosive power.

The black wolf walked to his bunch of gra.s.s and gently sniffed it. With his four limbs on the ground, he transformed into a human.

With the bunch of gra.s.s in his hands, Hugh walked towards Parker. “Help me hand this to Qingqing.”

“Hmph.” Parker cast a disdainful look at the bunch of gra.s.s and reluctantly took it from him. “Fine. No way will Qingqing like to eat this.”

Hugh said confidently, “All ape females like to eat this.”

Parker gazed at Hugh doubtfully. The wolf tribe and the ape tribe are pretty chummy. Could the ape tribe really like to eat this type of gra.s.s?