Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1563 - Call Older Brother

Chapter 1563 - Call Older Brother

Chapter 1563: Call Older Brother

Amidst the sounds of the children writing the papers, Bai Qingqing said slowly, “After the little eagles go back with us this time around, you won’t be living in the zoo. You’ll learn and get used to human lives. After the new year, we’ll enroll you into high school to study Year Three and then take the college entrance examinations next year.”


A suppressed voice rang out in the room, together with the sound of a hard plastic cracking.

The pen core, which didn’t have its main body, was completely shattered.

Mu Tian, who had accidentally crushed the pen, sneaked a look at his mommy, burying his head low.

Bai Qingqing shook his head, found a pencil from her bag, and tossed it out. “Hurry up and finish the paper.”

Their examination combined all subjects, and it was a huge stack of papers. The children continued to write without stopping, only finis.h.i.+ng it after three hours.

The three eagle beastmen brothers were the last to finish. The other two groups had gone out to play long ago.

Only when they came over to hand in the papers did Bai Qingqing notice that their human forms were one head taller than they were. The three faces looked very similar, and they were all two-striped beastmen. However, it was still possible to discern who was who between them.

Having changed their appearance, she found her eagle children both familiar and unfamiliar.

“Alright, you can go downstairs now.” Bai Qingqing raised her hand and rubbed a young man on the head.

“We’re free!”

The three youngsters cheered and dashed out of the room, running and shouting away.

Bai Zhenbei was seated in the living room, eating snacks and watching animation. She watched as three older brothers came running down. The one at the very front picked her up from the sofa. “Huahua! Let Older Brother hug you!”

The second young man who came das.h.i.+ng over pinched Bai Zhenbei’s fair and tender little face, his eyes filled with surprise. “It’s so soft, just like I imagined it to be.”

After a few attempts, they were already able to speak slowly without any issues.

“Let me try.” The third young man also pinched Bai Zhenbei’s cheek.

Bai Zhenbei’s small face became all distorted by the three hands, but her pair of big eyes could still move around. Bai Zhenbei’s face, filled with chip pieces, was instantly stunned.

“Mommy, who are they?”

When Bai Qingqing came down, she heard her daughter’s slightly trembling voice, clearly scared yet pretending to be composed.

Bai Qingqing walked over quickly and saved her from the three young men.

Bai Zhenbei quickly ran behind her mommy, clutching her clothes, then probed her head out to take a look.

Bai Qingqing glared at the three brothers, then hugged her daughter with one arm, saying in a soft voice, “This is Uncle Muir’s sons, Mu Hai, Mu Tian, and Mu Ya. Call them older brother.”

Bai Zhenbei pouted, feeling very angry over their actions earlier. However, she had always been docile and only pouted, then called out unwillingly, “Brother.”

“Good girl. Brother will peel pine nuts for you.”

As Mu Hai said that, he grabbed a handful of pine nuts from the coffee table. Each time he pinched, a plump pine nut would come out. He then stuffed it into his sister’s mouth without another word.

Seeing that their sister had eaten half a bag of chips, Mu Tian said, “Huahua must be thirsty. Brother will get you a drink!”

As Mu Tian said this, he quickly ran over to the fridge, His first reaction was to raise one leg toward the fridge’s handle.

Huahua opened her eyes wide, tugging her mommy’s clothes gently. “Mommy!”

The weird brother wanted to kick the fridge.

Bai Qingqing threw Mu Tian a signal with her eyes, and he paused before his shoes came into contact with the fridge. Then, to relieve the awkwardness, he acted as if he was exercising his legs a little, jumping around actively.

The people around were thinking that it couldn’t get more awkward.

“Mu Tian!” Bai Qingqing couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, feeling a little annoyed.

Only then did Mu Tian stop. He then opened the fridge properly with his hand.