Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1541 - Man-Made Accident

Chapter 1541 - Man-Made Accident

Chapter 1541: Man-Made Accident

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He wasn’t wearing a helmet and only had his fas.h.i.+onable blond short hair, looking spirited.

When the cold wind blew up a stray hair that was fas.h.i.+onable only in live animations and comics, it didn’t make his hair appear messy and instead added on a hint of playfulness.


The director gave the order and Parker immediately leaped up, landing on top of another roof. He then jumped again, matching the wires’ rhythm perfectly.

Parker had an extremely strong sense of balance, and the wires couldn’t be seen in the dark. This made him really seem like a martial arts expert equipped with amazing martial arts.

The staff members watching from below couldn’t help but stare, immersed in the scenario. However, a figure let out a cold laugh.

w.a.n.g Xiaolei, the Internet celebrity who was the most successful in impersonating Parker back then, finally had a chance to appear in a movie thanks to Parker. Moreover, it was a big film with huge investments.

However, Parker was the lead in the limelight. Despite also being an Internet celebrity like him, he could only be a villainous side character. Most importantly, he had only two scenes, and, after the edits, later on, he might be completely cut out.

His parts were long completed, but to stay in the production team, he had to take on all sorts of miscellaneous tasks.

This made him feel extremely unhappy. The more outstanding Parker, who was leaping across the roofs, was, the more jealous and dark his heart became.

His triangular eyes emitted a vicious gleam, moving with Parker’s movements. Suddenly, midair, Parker seemed to pause for an instant.

w.a.n.g Xiaolei’s lips curled up into a sinister smile. If anyone were to see his face, they’d be stunned by his expression.

If he could show such an expression during filming, he probably wouldn’t have to worry about acting offers no matter how ugly he looked.

Other than w.a.n.g Xiaolei, no one noticed the pause in the scene.

Of course, “everyone” didn’t include Parker. He wasn’t human.

Parker’s ears perked up. He heard the abnormal sounds coming from above. Although he had just entered the trade, he showed great professionalism and his gaze didn’t even flicker.

However, at the next instant, the fine wires suddenly snapped. Parker was at the highest point in the air when he suddenly plunged.

A few ladies present screamed, all of them feeling on tenterhooks. The roof was over ten meters high, and Parker had jumped from even higher up. With the height at approximately 15 meters, he’d become a cripple even if he survived the fall.

This height wasn’t enough to hurt Parker. However, he noticed the humans’ fear and immediately understood that this was a height that was considered dangerous for them.

Therefore, he adjusted his posture in midair. When he landed on a roof, he grabbed onto the tiles with one hand.

The anxiety felt by the people below relaxed a little. However, at the next instant, Parker fell again.

The tiles weren’t fixed and fell easily. Parker’s body only paused for half a second in the air when they slid.

However, with this spot to exert strength, he was able to control his direction. He leaped out strongly toward another house, kicking the wall, then did a 360-degree turn in the air before landing steadily on the ground. His body a.s.sumed a half-kneeling position naturally, relieving most of the weight—this was something the martial arts teacher had taught him. He put it straight to use.

Putting aside the emotional fluctuations of the audience, Parker’s movements were very smooth, as if it was an actual martial arts scene. Although his actions were simple, there were great dangers in reality. It was a lot more exciting than a carefully designed martial arts film.

“Are you alright?” Xu Qiyang dashed over at the first instant.

Parker pushed his hair back and stood up, patting the hems of his s.h.i.+rt and saying casually, “I’m fine.”