Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1524 - Having a Drink With Father-In-Law

Chapter 1524 - Having a Drink With Father-In-Law

Chapter 1524: Having a Drink With Father-In-Law

However, Bai Xiaofan was still unwilling to give up. He kept on throwing glances at his mother to seek help.

If this was any other day, Mommy Bai would definitely be soft-hearted and let him off. However, Bai Xiaofan wasn’t that lucky today. Mommy Bai agreed with Curtis’s words, saying, “Hurry up. Come and help Teacher Ke to wash the vegetables.”

Bai Xiaofan came in dejectedly.

“Why isn’t Sis coming in?”

Sticking to the principle of sharing weal and woe, Bai Xiaofan dragged Bai Qingqing down.

However, her reply made his heart feel even colder. Bai Qingqing grinned and said, “I’m a girl. My skin is delicate.”

Of course, Bai Qingqing was just joking. But as she had just inserted an intrauterine device, she was feeling very uncomfortable and didn’t dare to tire herself too much. Therefore, she decided to laze on the sofa.

“Pffft!” Curtis couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Although this wasn’t wrong, why did it sound so funny when it came out from Snow’s mouth?

“That’s right. Auntie, you should go and get some rest too,” said Curtis, holding in his laughter.

Mommy Bai had been sloughing for half her life and strangely felt a little embarra.s.sed when facing Curtis. She couldn’t help but scold herself inside for not knowing shame despite her age.

What she didn’t know was that Curtis was seven to eight years her senior. They were a good match in terms of age.

Mommy Bai smiled and said, “I’m just a set of old bones. There’s nothing delicate left.”

After saying that and seeing Bai Xiaofan dawdling away, Mommy Bai still urged, “Hurry up. Do you still want to have dinner?”

Are you really asking only me to help? Are we really not going to get Sister to join in?

Bai Xiaofan’s grief was only short of him singing the song “Bok Choy”[1].

It wasn’t long before he started singing the song. He washed each vegetable leaf one by one, singly wonderfully with deep feelings: “Bok choy ah~ Withers in the field~ At the age of two or three~ Losing one’s mother~ Ow!”

He was then hit by Mommy Bai before and shut up.

Bai Qingqing laughed so hard on the sofa that her stomach hurt. She held in with the pain so much that she broke out in a sweat.

Daddy Bai didn’t help out for long before going back to watch the television. Bai Xiaofan also slipped away, without a trace, together with his father. Dinner was completely under the joint efforts of Curtis and Mommy Bai. The table was full of dishes.

Daddy Bai took out a bottle of baijiu and poured a cup for Curtis without saying a word.

“Come, let me thank you for tutoring my two children. Both of their studies have improved tremendously. Thank you. Let me give you a toast.”

After saying that, Daddy Bai finished the drink in one gulp.

Curtis picked up the wine cup, took a whiff, then his nose immediately soured from the alcoholic scent. However, his expression didn’t change, and he also drank it up without any hesitation.

“Curtis…” Bai Qingqing reached her hand under the table and secretly tugged his clothes.

Curtis gave her an “it’s alright” expression. He then learned Daddy Bai’s gesture to tip his cup over, showing that he had finished the drink.

“Hahaha, you’re really good at drinking. Fill it up again.” Whenever Daddy Bai drank, it’d show on his face. After the cup of wine, his face was already flush red, as if it had been painted with a layer of red paint.

Curtis was taken by surprise at how fast Daddy Bai’s face changed. He couldn’t help but touch his face, showing off an adorableness not befitting his character.

His face was still fair as jade, his lips red as blood. However, the act of touching his face made him look as if he was drunk.

Mommy Bai threw Daddy Bai a reproachful gaze. She picked up a chopstick of food and was just about to put it into Curtis’s bowl when she thought of how her daughter had mentioned that he might be mysophobic. The chopsticks moved one round in the air before they were placed down in her bowl.

“Ke Di, have some food. Ignore Old Bai,” Mommy Bai said.

Daddy Bai filled Curtis’s cup without saying anything else, took a look at Mommy Bai, then said, “What do you know? The relations.h.i.+p between men is built upon alcohol.”

[1] A folk Chinese folk song popular in Hebei and other places that depicts the grief and pain of an innocent and poor little village girl who was tormented after losing her birth mother and had no one else to rely on.