Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1502 - Learning Gains

Chapter 1502 - Learning Gains

Chapter 1502: Learning Gains

After settling Bai Xiaofan for the time being, Curtis turned to face Bai Qingqing, and the coldness in his eyes became warmer.

“What do you wish to revise?” Curtis asked. Though outsiders might not be able to tell the difference in his tone from usual, Bai Qingqing could hear the gentleness and warmth in it.

She pursed her lips and smiled. “No need. You probably won’t be able to help me today. I need to memorize English vocabulary. I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned in the past.”

Curtis said helplessly, “Indeed, I can’t be of help. How about I give you dictation?”

Bai Qingqing was shocked. “You’ve learned English, too?”

“Enough to give you dictation,” Curtis said calmly.

Bai Qingqing got interested and said as she looked for a practice book, “Sure, it’s boring writing by myself. Let’s give it a try.”


Though Curtis had yet to master English, just as he had said, he didn’t have a problem reading the English words. With his help, Bai Qingqing’s learning efficiency was greatly enhanced.

By the end of the day, the Bai siblings both had significant gains. Curtis stayed all the way till Daddy Bai and Mommy Bai came home from work.

Seeing that he was still at their home, Mommy Bai looked shocked. “Ke Di, you’re still teaching them?”

“Leaving right away.” Curtis stood up, and Bai Qingqing quickly followed suit.

Mommy Bai placed the groceries on the dining table and said warmly, “Since it’s dinnertime, do eat before leaving.”

Curtis said with a pleasant countenance, “Thank you for your kind offer. But I’m very picky.”

Mommy Bai froze, for she had never seen someone turn down a dinner invitation in such a manner. How… direct.

Bai Qingqing tried to smooth things over. “Mom, some people are very particular about cleanliness and don’t like to eat outside.”

“Oh, I see. In that case, I shan’t insist.” Looking at Ke Di’s aloof and picky manner, Mommy Bai felt it was quite fitting for him to have an obsession with cleanliness.

Curtis smiled and was about to leave when he turned back naturally and said to Bai Qingqing,

“Study hard. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

He then mouthed the words, “Rest well.”

“Okay!” Bai Qingqing nodded with a smile.

After he left, Mommy Bai immediately asked her children, “How was Teacher Ke’s teaching?”

Having just finished a major question, Bai Xiaofan got to his feet to stretch his muscles. Upon hearing his mother’s question, he immediately said in an awestruck tone, “He’s brilliant. He’s totally like a computer and has a photographic memory, much better than the math teachers in our school.

“No!” Bai Xiaofan corrected himself right away. “He’s more brilliant than any teacher I’ve ever had. He’s the most brilliant person I’ve ever seen!”

Bai Qingqing held her forehead.

Curtis, you’ve gone overboard this time.

Mommy Bai raised a brow, feeling skeptical. But since her son was singing such high praises of him, she was glad that she had found a good tutor. “So brilliant?”

Bai Xiaofan could tell that his mother was skeptical, so he anxiously picked up his book and recounted Curtis’s understanding of the book to his mother.

After listening for a long time, Mommy Bai finally believed her son’s words. She said in astonishment, “There actually exists such a person? He must have a bright future ahead of him.”

“Erm, Mom, I’ll help you pick the food.” After clearing away the desk, Bai Qingqing interrupted their conversation.

Mommy Bai felt heartened. “My Qingqing has indeed grown up. Xiaofan, come and help too. Learn from your older sister.”

“Oh.” Bai Xiaofan walked over reluctantly and muttered, “I’d wanted to do a few more practice questions. This is the first time I’ve found math so interesting.”

“Things are always more interesting after you’ve mastered it. Since you feel that way, it proves that you’ve really learned something today.” Bai Qingqing flicked his forehead, feeling grateful towards Curtis.