Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1487 - Press Conference (1)

Chapter 1487 - Press Conference (1)

Chapter 1487: Press Conference (1)

Bai Qingqing raised an index finger and shook it mysteriously as she said, “The heaven’s secrets can’t be divulged.”

With that, she returned to her room to revise.

Parker’s schedule was actually very packed. Thankfully, though, he was extremely talented in dancing and almost always mastered whatever he was taught immediately, thus saving quite a bit of time.

The movie he had accepted a role in was about to start filming soon. While his popularity was at its highest, his company arranged a press conference for him to maintain his popularity and also to promote his upcoming movie in which he would be starring.

“Mr. Parker, what’s your nationality? Why did you choose to come to China to develop your career?”

“May I ask why you kept wanting to go home in ‘Princess-Knight’? Was there a reason?”

“May I ask how is your relations.h.i.+p with the movie’s female lead, Zhang Yu, in private? The two of you have been voted the most heartwarming couple due to your interaction in ‘Princess-Knight’. Are you a couple in real life?”

…Several tens of questions omitted.

Parker was bombarded with all sorts of questions, one after the other. Used to life-and-death situations, he was dumbfounded and couldn’t think of an answer at once.

“Do you think Zhang Yu is pretty? Who is prettier—she or your girlfriend?”

This question was a very crafty one. Firstly, Parker had never divulged any of his personal information, nor had he confessed he had a girlfriend. But now that the reporter asked him this, those who didn’t know better might think that he had a girlfriend. This way, they could fabricate more gossip.

However, since this question had to do with Bai Qingqing, it immediately stood out to Parker.

He looked at that reporter and said seriously without any hesitation, “Of course my girlfriend is prettier.”

The reporters froze in surprise. Following that, it was like a drop of water had fallen into a pot of water and caused an explosion. The questions fired at him relentlessly.

Next to him, Xu Qiyang looked like he had been struck by lightning, and his countenance changed drastically. He tried his best to stop the reporters from asking questions, and also Parker from answering.

Alas, at the mention of Bai Qingqing, Parker couldn’t stop.

Question: “Are you married? What’s your wife’s nationality? Where did you two know each other?”

Parker sighed and replied dejectedly, “Not yet. She refuses to marry me.”

Question: “Why? You’re so handsome, why would any girl be unwilling to marry you?”

Parker quite agreed with that statement ‘why would any girl be unwilling to marry you’. He edged closer to the other party’s microphone and said, “Although I’m the most handsome one, she has other choices. There’s nothing I can do about it. But one day she’ll marry me. She’ll marry only me!”

Mouth dry from speaking, Parker licked his lips. Without the reporter having to ask him, he said, as though talking to himself, “When filming ‘Princess-Knight’, I was halfway across the world from her. You guys won’t be able to understand my pain. I regretted it right after setting off. But the production crew refused to let me come back. I couldn’t even call her…”

Speaking of that incident, Parker became sorrowful. He wiped his eyes, tears nearly rolling down his face. In a solemn manner, he started talking to the reporters about that matter.

Next to him, Xu Qiyang nearly fainted from anger.

One thing to add here: When Parker just returned from overseas, he had thrown a tantrum at his company over that incident for a good few days.

A reporter asked, “Why are you so smitten with your girlfriend?”

Parker said from the bottom of his heart, “She’s the most beautiful. No one can compare with her. She’s the most good-looking person on earth. You guys will see what I mean once you see her.”

A reporter asked to see a photo of Parker’s beloved, but he said, “No way. As it is, I already have enough rivals in love. If others saw her, I’ll have even more. I can’t wait to erase her from your mind.”